Dental Emergency – Broken Tooth

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Dental emergencies and accidents happen, and they are rarely convenient. They tend to occur after hours when your dental office has already closed. Below are a few dental emergencies and what to do if they happen to you.

Broken Or Cracked Tooth

Teeth are powerful and can withstand tremendous forces. But they can break, whether through traumatic injury or possibly tooth decay undermining their structure.

Broken Or Fractured Tooth But No Pain Or Discomfort

If you discover you have broken a part of your tooth. The first step should be to clean the area through mouth rinse and gentle brushing of the area. Dental hygiene will serve two purposes:

-Get better visual access to survey damage

-Clear area of debris and bacteria

It is recommended to take an over-the-counter pain reliever because the tooth may hurt over time, and it will take the edge off if that does happen. At the first sign of a break or fracture, you should contact your dentist for advice on proceeding. A small break with no pain is generally not considered a true dental emergency, but you should still get a dentist’s advice on how to proceed. They will probably recommend you set up an appointment so your dentist can thoroughly evaluate the area.

Dental Emergency Henderson NV

Broken Tooth With Pain Or Bleeding

Immediate dental care is necessary in this case. Dental pain tends to get worse over time without proper treatment.

If the tooth is broken or bleeding in the area, use a clean cloth or gauze pads to apply pressure to the site to help stop the bleeding. Call your dentist immediately to set up an emergency dental visit. Many dental offices are not equipped to see after-hours patients. This is not true of Dr. Marielaina Perrone DDS. She will come in after-hours for a true dental emergency to make her patients as comfortable as possible in their time of need.

For excessive bleeding that will not stop or slow down, you must get medical attention right away. Excessive bleeding means calling the dentist, and if that is not successful, head to the Emergency room.

Knocked-Out Tooth (also called a tooth avulsion)

Trauma can cause a tooth to come clean out of its natural socket. Do not panic. If you act quickly, you can probably save the tooth. It is vital to pick up the tooth and clean it gently underwater. Taking note to try to handle the tooth by the crown and not the roots. Once cleaned, you can place the tooth back into the socket or put it in a glass of milk. It is vitally important the tooth stays moist and hydrated.

If the area is bleeding, apply pressure again with a clean cloth or gauze. You should make a call to your dentist immediately to set up arrangements for care to save the tooth. Time is of the essence to save the tooth.

Loose Tooth

Regular, healthy teeth should never be loose or wiggly. If you can move a tooth, it is cause for immediate dental care. Some loose teeth do not cause any discomfort or pain. The cause of a loose tooth could include trauma or progressive periodontal disease, or localized dental infection.

If the loose tooth is not painful and stable for the moment, call your dentist to set up a consultation appointment to find out the root cause of the issue. If the tooth is very loose, attempt to receive dental care ASAP. Essential to note to chew gently in the area of the loose tooth to prevent it from becoming looser or even coming out on its own.

Toothache = Dental Emergency

Toothaches come in many forms. From a dull ache to searing pain. A toothache with mild pain can usually receive some relief with a warm salt water rinse and over-the-counter pain medication. Most toothaches will get progressively worse without dental treatment.

A toothache with severe pain and facial swelling is a true medical emergency, and you should not ignore it. Treatment should be as soon as possible.

If your dentist’s office is closed or unavailable and you are in terrible pain with swelling and fever, a trip to the emergency room is going to be needed. Although the standard Emergency room cannot help fix your tooth, they will get you started on pain killers and antibiotics, which will hold you over until your dentist can see you.

Dr. Marielaina Perrone DDS is ready and able to handle all dental emergencies quickly.

To schedule an urgent dental appointment, please call our office right away. We will do our best to get you seen ASAP based on your symptoms. Most times the same day during our regular business hours.

Suppose you’re experiencing a severe dental, medical emergency, such as severe pain combined with facial swelling and fever. In that case, we recommend you get to an emergency room right away if our office is not open or available.

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