Free Second Opinion

Henderson and Las Vegas, NV

If you've recently received a dental diagnosis, are exploring cost comparisons for general or cosmetic dentistry, or are contemplating a change in your dental care provider, we are delighted to offer you a fresh alternative.

When it comes to dental care, having choices is paramount. If your current practice leaves you less than satisfied, remember that alternatives are available, regardless of the specific dental services you require. Your oral health deserves the best, and exploring different options is a proactive step toward achieving that goal.

Dr. Marielaina Perrone has made choosing the right dentist easier for you by offering free second opinions and smile consultations. Make an appointment to see the difference today!

Please schedule an appointment to see Dr. Perrone without financial obligation. We can help you feel confident about your treatment choice and confirm any previous recommendations for services you might need. Bring your existing radiographs for a complete diagnosis.

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