AccuVein Technology - Las Vegas & Henderson NV

In the ever-evolving world of skin rejuvenation, technological advancements continue to revolutionize how we address various skin rejuvenation procedures. One such game-changing innovation is AccuVein technology. This cutting-edge vein locator system, originally developed for medical applications, is now finding its place in aesthetics, offering myriad benefits for enhancing skin health and vitality.

Understanding AccuVein Technology

AccuVein is a handheld, non-contact vein illumination device that uses near-infrared light to enhance the visibility of veins beneath the skin's surface. This technology helps Dr. Perrone locate veins more easily for procedures such as Botox Cosmetic, Smooth PDO Threads, and Juvederm Dermal Fillers, reducing the risk of complications, improving aesthetic outcomes, and improving patient comfort.

Originally designed to assist medical professionals in locating veins for venipuncture and intravenous injections, this technology has expanded to cover aesthetic applications, particularly skin rejuvenation treatments. Dr. Marielaina Perrone is proud to offer this unique technology to her patients in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.

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Benefits Of AccuVein Technology

  • Faster Treatments
  • Enhanced Accuracy
  • Minimized Downtime
  • Fewer Risks
  • Customized Treatment Planning
  • Improved Patient Comfort
  • Versatile Applications
  • Optimized Treatment

What Treatments Can Benefit From AccuVein?

How Effective Is AccuVein?

AccuVein is a highly effective technology utilizing an infrared system that allows Dr. Perrone to map the pattern of veins beneath your skin. This technology works through infrared lights to view the veins beneath your skin so that Dr. Perrone can better determine where injections can be safely made.

The infrared light emitted from AccuVein is absorbed by the blood in your veins, which can temporarily turn the veins a different color so that injections can be more accurate. This technology is effective for people of all ages, skin tones, and skin types. Best of all, as the AccuVein device never touches the skin, the technique can be used before any aesthetic treatment, making each procedure safer and more comfortable.


"It gives my patients and me comfort knowing that they are receiving the highest level of care and peace of mind that they will not be left with embarrassing signs following a visit to my office for skin rejuvenation.

With aesthetic skin rejuvenation, avoiding facial veins can be very useful in minimizing bruising and possible movement of the injected fluids to unwanted areas. "

—Marielaina Perrone, DDS.

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