Does Vaping Increase Risk of Tooth Decay?

vaping risks henderson nv marielaina perrone dds

A new study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association highlights an alarming finding – using e-cigarettes or vaping significantly raises your risk of developing tooth decay. Let’s look at what the researchers discovered and how dentists and patients can respond to this growing threat to oral health. About the Research Study Dental researchers…

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Dental Implants Vs Removable Dentures

dental implants las vegas nv marielaina perrone dds

Losing natural teeth can be a challenging and life-altering experience for many individuals. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers several solutions to restore a smile’s appearance, functionality, and oral health. Two of the most common options are dental implants and dentures. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the differences between dental implants and dentures, the advantages…

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How Crohn’s Disease and Colitis Impact Your Smile

Crohn's Disease Marielaina Perrone DDS

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, collectively known as inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), are chronic gastrointestinal conditions affecting millions worldwide. These conditions can have widespread effects on the body, potentially impacting oral health. While the primary focus of managing Crohn’s disease and colitis is on gastrointestinal symptoms, it’s essential not to overlook the potential dental complications…

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5 Momentous Occasions That Deserve a Perfect Smile

momentous occasions smile henderson nv

Your smile is a powerful tool that can significantly impact your personal and professional life. It is often the first thing people notice about you, which can leave a lasting impression. While a beautiful smile is essential every day, there are certain momentous occasions when it becomes even more crucial. In this article, we will…

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Are Dental Implants the Ultimate Tooth Replacements?

dental implants las vegas nv marielaina perrone dds

Losing a tooth can be a disheartening experience, whether due to trauma, tooth decay, or other dental issues. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers various solutions for replacing missing teeth, each with advantages and disadvantages. Among these options, dental implants have gained significant popularity for their exceptional durability, functionality, and natural appearance. This comprehensive article will explore…

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Smile Reborn: Regenerative Dentistry

regenerative dentistry henderson nv marielaina perrone dds

Dentistry has witnessed transformative technology and technique advancements over the last 20 years. One of the most promising frontiers is regenerative dentistry. This innovative approach aims to treat dental issues and regenerate and restore damaged tissues. This comprehensive article will explore the principles, techniques, and potential future developments in regenerative dentistry. Understanding Regenerative Dentistry Definition…

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Does Breastfeeding Affect Oral Health?

Breastfeeding Oral Health Marielaina Perrone DDS

  Breastfeeding, often referred to as the ‘liquid gold’ of infant nutrition, is not only known for its numerous health benefits but also for its intriguing effects on oral health. As mothers provide this natural nourishment to their babies, they might not be aware of the intricate dance happening within those tiny mouths. This dance…

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Link Between Heart Health And Gum Disease

heart health gum disease las vegas nv

When we think of caring for our heart, factors like diet, exercise, and genetics often come to mind. However, an aspect of our health is gaining increasing attention in the realm of cardiovascular wellness, and it’s not directly related to our hearts but rather to our mouths. This intriguing aspect is the connection between heart…

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Overcoming Resistance to Toddler Tooth Brushing

toddler tooth brushing henderson nv marielaina perrone dds

As a parent, few things can be more frustrating than battles with your toddler over brushing their teeth. However, it is essential not to see toddler tooth brushing as a fight you need to “win.” Instead, approach it as an opportunity to nurture healthy lifelong habits and create a bond with your child. With empathy,…

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Dental Revolution: Power of Dental Ultrasonography

dental ultrasonography henderson nv marielaina perrone dds

Dental ultrasonography has emerged as a possible future transformative tool in dentistry, particularly in diagnosing and treating periodontal diseases and the placement and care of dental implants. This advanced imaging technology harnesses the power of ultrasound waves to provide detailed insights into oral structures, enabling precise diagnostics and enhanced treatment planning. In this comprehensive article,…

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