Periodontal Disease Treatment

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We believe that Periodontal Disease Treatment should be treated in the least invasive and most cost effective way possible. Patients who are examined to have periodontal disease will be recommended for a deep cleaning (usually with anesthesia) along with the use of Arestin. Arestin is an antibiotic placed below the gumline and into the periodontal pocket surrounding your tooth to help facilitate healing.

In most periodontal disease cases this is enough but we do offer further periodontal disease treatment procedures if necessary to treat and manage periodontal disease. This includes dental bone grafting, pocket reduction surgery, and crown lengthening procedures.

We are also proud to offer Periogen (tartar dissolving oral rinse) which helps minimize tartar buildup between appointments. We are also proud offer DNA testing for a more personalized periodontal disease treatment. This service is thru OralDNA and more information can be gathered here.

Seek targeted periodontal disease treatment in Las Vegas, NV from our skilled team at Marielaina Perrone DDS.

periodontal disease treatment henderson nv

Is Periodontal Disease Preventable?

Periodontal disease is a slow, progressive disease that can destroy you oral and overall general health. Many of the hallmark symptoms of periodontal disease are silent and often ignored at least initially. It is important not to ignore these signs and symptoms as periodontal disease is the #1 cause of tooth loss.

Periodontal disease comes in many different forms including aggressive, chronic, necrotizing periodontitis, and periodontitis associated with systemic diseases.

periodontal disease treatment henderson nv

Each of these types of periodontal disease has its own distinct characteristics and symptoms, and all require prompt periodontal disease treatment by a dentist to help halt subsequent bone and gum tissue loss. Risk of periodontal disease increases with age.

For younger people, dental caries are a more important risk for tooth loss, while for older people, periodontal disease is the more important risk factor.

Signs And Symptoms Of Periodontal Disease

-Bleeding Upon Brushing Or Flossing
-Persitent Bad Breath
-Unexplained Pain Or Swelling
-Teeth That Are Becoming Longer In Appearance
-Loose Teeth
-Pus Drainage
-On And Off Or Persistent Dull Ache In Gums And Around Teeth

Don’t Let Gum Disease Damage
Your Smile

periodontal disease treatment henderson nv
Las Vegas OralDNA testing

OralDNA Testing = Personalized Care

Oral DNA MyPerioPath is a diagnostic tool for the detection of the type of oral pathogens present in your mouth that can cause periodontal disease. By using this test your dentist can create a personalized care to deal with the pathogens causing the issues in your mouth.


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There is also evidence that knowing what oral pathogens are present can also determine a patients increased risk of developing Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, alzheimer’s disease, possible stroke, and if pregnant, risk of birth complications.

Clinical studies are increasingly linking oral bacteria with systemic disease. For example, inflammation is a major factor in both periodontal disease and heart disease.