Does Your Dentist Practice Personalized Dental Care?


Henderson Cosmetic Dentistry

Going to the dentist is rarely #1 on most people’s wish lists. It is one of those things we know we have to do but do not realize it does not have to be that way. A well-trained, experienced dentist will make you feel special at every dental visit. They will look forward to seeing you and feel comfortable answering all questions.

Your dental experience should center around you and your needs. Your Dentist and staff should personalize patient care to your wants and desires.

Below are eight reasons why Dr. Marielaina Perrone DDS and her dental team practice patient-centric care.

  1. Patients Should Always Have A Voice In Dental Care.

Patients should feel comfortable and confident to speak up when necessary to their dentist and the dental team. No patient should be scolded or told what they need in a derogatory manner. Dentistry is very personalized care and should be handled as such. Our dental office is a judgment-free zone for patients, and we strive to empower patients to be a part of the process by constantly communicating back and forth.

2. We Recognize Patients Have Options.

Dr. Perrone believes an educated patient is the best patient. We love when patients ask questions regarding their dental care and know there are possible options in almost every situation. Dr. Perrone built this dental education blog to empower patients to understand and know they are getting the best possible dental care.

3. Patients Should Always Have A Say In Their Treatment.

Dr. Perrone may be the dentist, but that does not mean you as a patient are not part of the process. Above, we touched upon the idea of open conversation and personal research, and we want patients to express their wants and desires when it comes to their dental care. Our main goal is to feel comfortable and confident with their dental treatment plan before treatment even starts.

4. A Strong Dentist-Patient Relationship = Better Dental Care

Dr. Perrone wants her patients to receive the best possible dental care. This includes keeping a regular schedule for both dentist and dental hygiene visits. Missing appointments will only lead to poor dental care outcomes. Maintaining a solid relationship with her patients makes it easier for the patients to stay on track to a healthier smile.

5. Patient Trust Is A Reward For The Dentist

Once a patient gains trust in their dental care, they will be happier and healthier. Our office prides itself on making patients feel comfortable and at ease, with developed trust that can be achieved more readily.

6. Easing Financial Stress

Dental care, like any medical care, can be pretty expensive. Our office makes sure finances can be overcome with proper planning. This can include utilizing dental insurance to its fullest, setting up a payment schedule that works for your family, or even using CareCredit (0% financing for one year and no pre-payment penalties). We also expect you to let us know when financial difficulties arise so we can plan for them.

7. Focusing On Patient Comfort To Ease Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety and stress are extremely common. Dr. Marielaina Perrone, DDS, has taken great pride in her training to bring a positive dental experience to every patient. Patients can overcome dental anxiety. It takes patience from the dentist, staff, and patient. Over time the most fearful patients will achieve a level of relaxation they never dreamed possible in a dental office.

8. Happy Patients Recommend Other Patients

Dr. Perrone and her staff genuinely care about their patients’ needs. Happy patients are more likely to leave a review of the office to allow other patients to see how good the quality of dental care is.

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