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Las Vegas Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain veneers are the go-to cosmetic dentistry procedure for that perfect Hollywood smile. Porcelain veneers are the perfect solution for other reasons as well. Whether it is to cover staining caused by medications, cover and protect a fractured tooth, or even to protect against tooth sensitivity. Many patients take for granted who they choose to perform such a cosmetic dentistry service. Porcelain veneers are a specialized service that should only be performed by a well-trained, experienced cosmetic dentist who uses a high-quality dental laboratory. Not all dentists are alike, and not all porcelain veneers are alike either.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Using similar dental materials that are used in porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers are fingernail-like, thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded to your teeth in order to change the shape, color, and size of your teeth. Porcelain veneers are also sometimes called “instant orthodontics” because they can even realign a slightly crooked smile. This will not work in extreme misalignment cases but can help adjust your smile in small increments.

The best part about porcelain veneers? This cosmetic dentistry service can be performed and completed in as little as two dental visits, and the veneers are individually fabricated and customized exactly to fit your smile and desires. They look completely natural when the treatment is completed. The porcelain will mimic your natural tooth in translucency as well as in the reflection of light.

Marielaina Perrone DDS Porcelain Veneers

Marielaina Perrone DDS Las Vegas Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers Characteristics

Porcelain veneers have the following characteristics:

  • Translucent qualities — Like natural tooth enamel, porcelain veneers are translucent, meaning they allow some light to pass through and reflect off the natural dental material. This gives the veneer a natural depth, providing for a dazzling smile.
  • Color matching — If you are replacing multiple teeth, then all your veneers can be a natural, bright color. When covering just one or two teeth, porcelain veneers can easily be matched to the surrounding natural teeth in order to provide a consistently beautiful smile.
  • Non-porous surface — Porcelain veneers are ceramic glass and are non-porous, preventing future stains from ruining your new smile.

Porcelain Veneers Visits

Porcelain veneer treatment can generally be completed in just 2-3 dental visits. The dental appointment schedule is as follows:

1st Visit – Consultation. This is when you will explain your concerns and wishes about your smile to your dentist. Your dentist can then explain if porcelain veneers are right for your individual smile and desires. In some cases, porcelain veneers are not the right treatment, and more extensive treatment may be needed, like orthodontics or porcelain crowns. Porcelain veneers can also be used in conjunction with those procedures to give you a smile you have always desired. Oral health should be optimal before beginning this procedure so as to limit complications following the placement of veneers.

2nd Visit – Preparation Of Teeth. At this appointment, your teeth will be prepared for the porcelain veneers to be custom fabricated. A small amount of tooth structure will be removed from each tooth included in the treatment. In some cases, no tooth structure is necessary (these are called “no preparation” veneers). Your cosmetic dentist will likely administer local anesthesia to keep you comfortable during the procedure. Once the preparation of teeth is completed, your dentist will take a dental impression that will be used by the dental laboratory to fabricate customized porcelain veneers for your smile.

3rd Visit – Completion Of New Smile. Once fabrication is complete by the dental laboratory, you will return for the placement of porcelain veneers. The veneers will be placed on a trial basis to ensure proper fit, color, and shape. If the new veneers meet both your criteria, then the dentist will bond them to your teeth.

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A Flawless, Youthful Smile Is Possible

What Can Go Wrong?

While the process and visits seem simple, designing, fabricating, prepping, and placing porcelain veneers are very skill intensive. There are a lot of steps behind the scenes that can go wrong. Lack of talent can be incredibly challenging when matching veneers to natural teeth. Our smiles are all unique to one another and have their quirks and imperfections. An experienced cosmetic dentist will note those BEFORE treatment begins and let the team know (including the dental laboratory).

The veneers also can affect speech with poor smile design. Improperly sized veneers will be an ongoing issue for speech and esthetics.

Possible Porcelain Veneer Issues

Some of the common issues with bad veneers can include:

  • Broken or Cracked Veneers – Veneers can be just as vulnerable to damage from bad habits like your natural teeth. These bad habits can consist of biting your nails, opening bottles with your teeth, stripping wire, and any activity where you are using your front teeth as a tool can damage your veneers. Fortunately, broken veneers can be replaced and re-create your beautiful smile once again.
  • Veneer That Will Not Stay In – With improper placement of new veneers, they will be prone to falling off or “debonding” from your natural tooth structure. Debonding can occur for several reasons, but inexperience is a big reason for choosing the wrong bonding material.
  • Large, Chunky Veneer Design – Veneers once received a bad reputation as they could look like chicklets if not appropriately designed. Again, this lends itself to experience both by dentist and dental laboratory. Cutting corners along the way, and using cheaper dental porcelain will lend itself to poor results.
  • Yellowish or Grey Veneers – Veneers that are too thin will not cover the underlying natural dental tissue. Poor preparation will lead to a greyish or yellowish color showing through. These need to be replaced as soon as possible for cosmetic reasons.
  • Black Lines Near Gum Line – If the veneers are not placed properly, prepared properly, or using the wrong bonding material, bacteria and plaque can build up along the gum line, which will lead to tooth decay. These veneers need to be replaced immediately and may require porcelain crowns as a replacement if tooth decay is extensive.
  • Pain In Jaw – Without proper “smile design,” the length of the veneers can cause changes in the way your teeth meet. Misalignments can cause pain in the temporomandibular joint. This can also cause premature failure of the veneers.
  • Tooth Sensitivity – proper preparation for veneers should only remove a small portion of natural tooth structure. Removing too much tooth structure can lead to a weakened underlying tooth structure, which can lead to sensitive teeth down the line.

Benefits Of Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are used in cosmetic dentistry to alter your front teeth in a variety of ways. These can include:

  • Making shorter teeth longer.
  • Reshaping a smile.
  • Changing color (porcelain veneers can be viewed as permanent teeth whitening)
  • Restoring worn teeth with weak or worn down enamel.
  • Close Gaps Between Teeth.
  • Repairing cracked, chipped, or broken teeth.
  • Minor Realignment Of Teeth. Porcelain veneers are also called “instant orthodontics” for this reason. They can straighten slightly out-of-place teeth to create a perfect smile.

Veneers are generally completed across the front six teeth. Can be on either the top or bottom or both. Single porcelain veneers can also be done to change individual teeth with minor flaws.

Additional Benefits Of Porcelain Veneers

Veneers can also change other parts of your face. This can include:

  • Lip Enhancement – The extra layer that porcelain veneers add to teeth pushes the lips just slightly outward, which can lead to fuller lips that look very natural. If more attention is needed, Juvederm dermal fillers or Botox injections can help here as well.
  • Strengthening sensitive teeth – Worn teeth lacking enamel will make patients feel twinges when their teeth are exposed to hot or cold. Porcelain veneers will strengthen the teeth by covering the exposed layers of the tooth leading to improved comfort.


Veneers can be a fantastic cosmetic option for many patients. However, patients need to be aware not all dentists have the same skills, and not all porcelain veneers are the same. Choose wisely when going down this path!

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