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Invisalign Can Give You The Smile Of Your Dreams!

Invisalign orthodontic treatment has revolutionized orthodontics. Traditional metal braces have always been something only kids have dealt with. It was not very popular among adults, and most kids hated the process as well. The advent of Invisalign aligners has opened new avenues of treatment for children and adults alike.

A misaligned smile can create not only self-confidence issues but hurt our dental health. Invisalign clear aligners work on the same principles as traditional orthodontics. They work by applying pressure slowly where needed. The difference is there are no metal brackets or metal wires. It is a much more esthetic treatment than traditional metal braces.

Invisalign clear aligners are also removable, unlike traditional metal braces. Invisalign not only avoids the dental hygiene issues associated with regular braces but also allows you to remove your aligners out for meals, sports, and important events in your life.

Benefits Of Invisalign In Las Vegas NV

Invisalign is the “clear” leader in orthodontics for adults. This is because they can handle simple as well as complex orthodontic cases.

Invisalign benefits include:

  • No risk of injury from broken wires or brackets unlike traditional braces.
  • No discomfort from sharp wires unlike traditional metal braces.
  • Results that are easy to see during each phase of treatment.
  • Greater comfort and convenience, with fewer visits to the dental office.

Problems Invisalign Can Fix In Las Vegas NV

One of the main differences Invisalign can make to your orthodontic treatment is making it easier to achieve an improved appearance and oral health without disrupting your busy schedule.

Invisalign providers can solve many orthodontic issues, including:

  • Crooked or misaligned teeth. Severe misalignments can result in tooth decay, bad breath, headaches, jaw disorders, and gum disease.
  • Overcrowded teeth. Overcrowding can cause teeth to become severely crooked.
  • Gapped teeth. Gaps between teeth can make you more vulnerable to gum disease.
  • Protruding teeth. These are particularly susceptible to injury.

Invisalign can also solve problems with your bite function, such as:

  • Underbite, when the lower teeth project beyond the upper teeth.
  • Crossbite, when upper teeth bite on the inside of lower teeth.
  • Overbite, when the front upper teeth overlap the lower front teeth.
  • Open bite when your upper teeth don’t make proper contact with your lower teeth.

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Is Invisalign In Las Vegas Right For Adults?

As we get older, everyday wear and tear can take its toll on our teeth. The breakdown of our teeth can increase the risk of tooth and periodontal disease. Increased potential for issues if you have an irregular bite caused by crooked teeth makes it easier for food debris, bacteria, plaque, and tartar to accumulate on your teeth and inflame your gum tissues.

Another problem associated with unresolved orthodontic issues is the possibility of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder (TMD), which can cause headaches, earaches, and jaw and neck pain.

Recent studies have shown that adults are just as likely to require orthodontic care as teens and kids, and many adults take into consideration the difference Invisalign can make in addressing issues arising from factors such as:

  • Not having braces as a child. If you had untreated orthodontic problems while you were young, this could result in your teeth becoming more crooked over time.
  • The natural movement of teeth. If you did get orthodontic treatment in the past, teeth still have a natural tendency to shift slightly over time.
  • Physical trauma. Sports injuries and dental trauma can instantly knock your teeth out of position or cause them to move out of alignment later.

Another orthodontic problem mainly for teens and young adults is issues with the eruption of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth often erupt into the mouth at the wrong angle, which can push other teeth out of place, even if you previously had orthodontic therapy.

Benefits Of Invisalign In Las Vegas


The greatest benefit, especially for orthodontics for adults, is that the Invisalign aligners are clear and virtually invisible. Most people will not even notice you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics is a great tool to enhance and restore your beautiful smile using cosmetic dentistry.


Patients should wear Invisalign retainers about 20-22 hours per day. 20-22 hours per day allows you time to take them out for eating. This allows you not to make any changes in the types of foods you eat. With traditional braces, this can be a real issue for most patients.

Improved Dental Hygiene

The ability to remove the clear Invisalign aligners to brush, floss, and rinse your teeth. This will lead to a healthier smile.

Fewer and Quicker Orthodontist Visits During Treatment Process

Again a real plus, especially for adult orthodontics. There is no need for simple adjustments, just changing retainers as teeth move. Also, there is nothing to break.


With a plastic retainer, you will still feel the occasional discomfort as teeth shift. However, there will not be any metal to pinch your cheeks and gum.

Invisalign In Las Vegas NV

Invisalign has the bonus of working faster than traditional orthodontic braces. Invisalign treatment generally can be completed in 12-16 months. Clear aligners are possibly 2x as fast as traditional braces.

Invisalign treatment consists of a series of clear aligners. Each aligner(s) is worn for about 20-22 hours per day for approximately two weeks. Time may vary for each patient. Invisalign affects all teeth at the same time slowly. This gives your dentist more control over movement to achieve a beautiful smile qickly and safely.

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