What Is A Deep Cleaning?

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Maintaining clean teeth is more than just improving your smile’s aesthetic appearance. Regular professional teeth cleanings are crucial for your overall dental and general health. Clean teeth translate to fresher breath, reduced tooth decay, and lower risks of gum disease.

However, what happens when your regular dental checkups and oral hygiene routine are insufficient? Occasionally, your dentist may recommend a “deep cleaning.” This might shock some patients, particularly those with dental anxiety, who may have many questions about deep teeth cleaning.

Why Is A Deep Cleaning Needed?

A dentist might recommend a deep cleaning when a routine cleaning won’t address your dental concerns. Ask your dentist why they suggest a deep cleaning or any other treatment and what you can do to maintain your dental hygiene and avoid future deep cleanings.

Below are some typical reasons why Dr. Perrone might recommend a deep cleaning.

Irregular Dental Care

It is understandable to miss a dental appointment or two, but neglecting regular professional cleanings can have severe consequences for your dental health. If your dentist recommends a deep cleaning due to a buildup of plaque and tartar, following through with the treatment is essential. After your deep cleaning, it’s crucial to maintain good oral hygiene habits and schedule routine cleanings twice a year to prevent the need for further deep cleanings in the future.

Presence Of Gum Disease

A deep cleaning may be necessary if your gums are infected, swollen, or prone to bleeding. It can help restore your gum health. If you have had gingivitis, Dr. Perrone may recommend periodic deep cleanings to prevent it from returning.

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Increased Tartar Buildup

Tartar, the hardened white substance on teeth due to plaque buildup, can be a stubborn issue. It can accumulate above and below the gum line, making it difficult to remove with regular brushing and flossing alone. Once tartar has formed, you must seek professional cleaning to keep your teeth and gums healthy and free from decay and periodontal disease.

Presence Of Gum Recession

Gum recession is often a sign of progressive periodontal disease. There are other reasons for the development of gum recession, but the main culprit is gum disease. A deep cleaning will be recommended if gum recession is noted, along with other signs of periodontal disease.

Regular Cleaning Vs. Deep Cleaning

You may be unfamiliar with deep cleaning and wonder how it differs from routine cleaning. In short, a deep cleaning is a more extensive procedure than a regular cleaning.

We recommend a standard dental cleaning every six months to assess your teeth, remove plaque and tartar from visible surfaces, and possibly apply a restorative fluoride treatment, all contributing to your oral health.

However, deep cleaning is a more intensive process that goes beyond the usual cleaning by reaching beneath the gum line. Your dentist will remove tartar buildup from under the gums and thoroughly clean the root area of any concerning debris. Deep cleaning requires more time and attention to detail than routine cleaning to thoroughly access and clean these areas. A deep cleaning may also require local anesthesia for your comfort.

What To Expect From A Deep Cleaning Appointment

Deep cleaning is a procedure that can be done at your regular dental office. However, it may take longer than your typical cleaning and could require multiple visits depending on the extent of your cleaning. A deep cleaning may be more uncomfortable than routine cleaning, but don’t worry; your dentist may use a local anesthetic to ease any pain.

After a deep cleaning, you may experience soreness, swelling, and a little bleeding. It is best to avoid hot or acidic foods, and softer options may be recommended for the first few days. Dr. Perrone will provide specific after-care instructions, including how to brush gently and whether you need to take antibiotics.

Untreated gum disease can lead to serious oral health problems. Dr. Marielaina Perrone is committed to helping her patients achieve and maintain healthy gums to promote oral health. This includes regular dental exams, professional cleanings, and proper at-home oral hygiene practices.

If you are concerned about gum disease or want to learn about periodontal disease treatment, contact Dr. Marielaina Perrone at 702-458-2929 to schedule an appointment. Our team can provide personalized guidance to help restore and enhance your smile.

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