How To Find The Right Cosmetic Dentist

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Choosing the right cosmetic dentist can lead to a lifetime of smiles!

Suppose you have decided cosmetic dentistry is suitable for you. In that case, your initial step will be to find the right cosmetic dentist you can trust to deliver the exceptional results you desire. If you have found a few potential candidates, choosing the right one for you is essential. There is a lot to consider when choosing a qualified cosmetic dentist. To find the right cosmetic dentist for you, consider the criteria below:

Credentials, Schooling, and Continuing Education

The most important of all factors is to ensure the cosmetic dentist you select has the skills and experience needed. You can verify their training and level of skill in numerous ways. You want to ensure the dentist is licensed in the state you are in. Ask where they went to dental school. This can give you some background as to the level of education they have gone thru.

Note if the prospective cosmetic dentist has any notable accomplishments locally or online. Have they published any papers in dental journals? Are they a member of a study group? Do they maintain an active dental education blog? Have they won any awards for their dentistry? Do they routinely perform cosmetic dentistry procedures?

Years of Dentistry Experience

The experience level of a cosmetic dentist is significant. Someone fresh out of dental school will have limited experience. This inexperience may be okay with routine dental work where the skills and tasks are very standardized. Being able to perform cosmetic dental procedures can be very technique sensitive.

Cosmetic dentistry requires a significant learning curve for techniques and materials. You will want to select a dentist with extensive experience. This experience will ensure the dentist has learned the best techniques, uses the best dental materials, and has developed outstanding cosmetic skills.

Commitment to Continuing Education

Cosmetic dentistry is an ever-evolving area of dentistry. Dentists who have chosen this field are not only experienced but have a strong, extensive background in continuing education. A dentist’s learning should never stop—those who continue to learn to provide their patients with the latest and best dental care possible.

Dental technology and materials will constantly evolve. You want a dentist committed to continuing their education consistently.

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Additional or Related Skills & Interests

Another often overlooked area to consider is the dentist’s overall ability to design and fabricate a very suitable type of cosmetic result for your smile. Just as stylists are capable of understanding a person’s personality traits and demeanor, you need a dentist who can do the same. It is essential to seek out a dentist with a background in the art. Smile design is a combination of science and art. They need to have excellent hand and eye coordination, too.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures = Art Plus Science

Select a dentist who always puts your dental health first above all else. For some smiles, certain cosmetic procedures are not the right choice for the patient. A dentist who emphasizes dental health first is one capable of protecting your smile over the long term. The dentist must have a strong understanding of the patient’s desires and needs.

The Best Cosmetic Dentists Offer Good Communication

Marielaina Perrone DDS believes the best patients are the educated ones. Every procedure is explained in detail, and all questions are answered fully to make the patient feel comfortable at each visit.

Positive Patient Testimonials and Smile Gallery Results

Review all of the cosmetic dentist-patient online reviews. You want to get a sense of the overall satisfaction of patients. Is it overwhelmingly positive? A few negative reviews are normal and natural when doing business over decades. Check their website for a smile gallery showcasing some of their work.

You want to see these particular cosmetic dentists’ skills throughout their careers. You want a recommended, reputable cosmetic dentist with an excellent rating about their abilities and their staff. 

Does the Cosmetic Dentist Specialize in Your Chosen Procedure

For extensive cosmetic procedures, you will want to choose an experienced, well trained cosmetic dentist. Then, look at the type of cosmetic treatments they offer. 

There is overlap between cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics with many of the similar treatment options available. After all, a healthy smile is very often an attractive one. A dentist who regularly performs or is knowledgeable about orthodontic work would be a bonus. Understanding how the two disciplines interconnect with each other is important. Orthodontics can often lay the basic foundations for effective cosmetic dentistry results. 

Cosmetic Dentist Henderson NV

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Prominent on Their Website

Take a look at the prospective dentist’s websites. Is there specific information and pictures related to cosmetic dentistry? Does it specifically discuss the types of cosmetic procedures you wish to have? If it is basic and lacking details or does not make cosmetic dentistry the focal point of the practice, move on to another dentist. Cosmetic Dentist Marielaina Perrone DDS focuses on both general and cosmetic dentistry, and our website reflects this with detailed information on general and cosmetic dentistry services.

Financial Cost Of Cosmetic Dentistry

The financial cost is important but not just based on your financial abilities. Choose a cosmetic dentist wisely and not just on cost alone. Often prices are lower in certain offices because they use inferior materials or lack the experience to give you the desired results for your smile.

Does Your Cosmetic Dentist Make You Comfortable

Always choose cosmetic dentists that you feel comfortable with and feel an open line of communication. Consider how you feel about the dentist and staff during the initial cosmetic consultation.

Is the dentist friendly, polite, cheerful, and likable?

Are they knowledgeable?

Pick the best cosmetic dentist for you based on whether you feel trust and comfort.

Do They Offer A Wide Range of Cosmetic Procedure Options?

Not only should you feel comfortable with the right cosmetic dentists, dental office environment, and cosmetic team, but you should ask about the kinds of cosmetic dental services available that are essential to your smile and dental health. Even if you want to get a smile makeover a single step at a time, you will want to know that you have access to the following cosmetic dental procedures as well as feel confident the dental office can perform them in the manner you wish:

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We ensure that all your concerns and questions are answered in a comfortable, relaxed environment and help you further educate yourself about your dental health.

Finally, creating the smile you have always dreamed of will be an exciting journey, as well as a journey that can be a bit nerve-wracking. It’s a big step to take, after all!

Marielaina Perrone DDS wants you to experience the comfort and confidence that comes from a beautiful, healthy smile. Dr. Perrone takes a gentle, individualized approach to all dental care coupled with advanced technology to provide you with a convenient and pleasant visit every time we see you walk through the door.

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