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When electing to undergo any surgical procedure, selecting the right doctor or dentist can be essential for achieving a successful result. Cosmetic dental implants are no exception to that rule.

The dental implants procedure is typically completed in two distinct stages:

  • Placement Of Dental Implants
  • Final Restoration Of Dental Implants

The titanium implant post that serves as the artificial tooth root is placed into the jawbone during the initial dental implant stage.

Next, after this artificial tooth root has fused with the surrounding bone tissues, a custom-fabricated dental restoration (typically a porcelain crown) is attached to the dental implants.

Finding the Best Implant Dentist Las Vegas

The role of a cosmetic dentist is usually to design and plan for the placement of the dental implant, custom design and fabricate the restoration, and attach the final restoration to the implant to restore lost function and esthetics due to missing teeth.

These steps are integral to the fit, comfort, function, and aesthetics of the outcome.

When researching the best cosmetic dentists near you for your dental implant procedure, we recommend asking these essential questions to determine the quality and experience of the dentist:

  • What are the dentist’s educational background, advanced training, and expertise regarding dental implants?
  • Does the dentist specialize in dental implants?
  • What types and brands of dental implants does the dentist offer?
  • Where are the porcelain crowns made? Locally or Out of Country?

It is also suggested to research each cosmetic dentist for patient reviews and dental implant before-and-after photos. You can read and see first-hand accounts of patient experiences and results you can expect to achieve.

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Why Choose Las Vegas Dentist Marielaina Perrone DDS for Dental implants?

With over 25 years of experience with dental implants, she will take the time to fully understand your goals and make sure that dental implant surgery is the optimal solution for your smile. The following visits are needed for dental implants:

  • Initial Dental Implants Consultation. At this visit, Dr. Perrone can determine if you are an ideal candidate for dental implants or an alternative treatment that might be best for you.
  • Development Of Custom Treatment Plan.
  • Possible tooth extraction
  • Dental Implant Placement Surgery
  • Approximately six months of Healing
  • Placement of Custom Dental Implant Abutment
  • Placement Of Final Porcelain Crown to restore function and esthetics

Dr. Perrone’s experience and precision help provide comfortable, secure tooth replacements and restore your ability to chew and speak with ease.

To create each restoration, whether a crown, bridge, or implant dentures, Marielaina Perrone DDS custom designs your tooth replacements with advanced dental technology and dental materials. She can match the surrounding natural teeth’ color, size, and shape during the design process or design an entirely new set of teeth that fits your smile.

All of our restorations are fabricated locally in the Las Vegas area, which increases the accuracy of your restoration and saves you valuable time. Finally, when your restorations are ready, Dr. Perrone will attach them with cement or screw to the dental implants for exceptionally durable, comfortable, natural-looking results.

Your oral health will improve immediately with a full, healthy smile.

Types of Implants Offered By Marielaina Perrone DDS

Marielaina Perrone DDS offers several dental implant options at her Las Vegas area office, including:

  • Single dental implants are ideal for patients who are missing one tooth or just a few teeth.
  • Multiple Dental Implants in combination with a fixed dental bridge. Ideal for patients missing multiple teeth.
  • All-on-4 dental implants, which replace one or both arches of teeth with a complete set of teeth. They are supported using only four specially placed and designed dental implants.

Who Needs A Dental Implant In Las Vegas?

According to the American Academy Of Implant Dentistry, approximately 3 million people have a dental implant. Patients missing one tooth, several teeth, or all of their teeth can enjoy dental implants as the ideal tooth-replacement option.

While, in theory, dental implants can be placed at any age, it is not recommended for patients under 16 or 17. Most dentists recommend waiting until a patient’s jaws have developed before undergoing this treatment.

Cost of Dental Implants In Las Vegas

Cheaper tooth replacement alternatives, like removable dentures and dental bridges, have drawbacks. They may need to be replaced every few years, uncomfortable and challenging to keep clean. Removable options cannot fuse to the jaw bone and prevent bone loss.

This continued bone loss can lead to additional expenses and sometimes extensive bone grafting procedures.

Dental implants have become the #1 tooth replacement option since they replace the bone tissue’s tooth and root. They can last a lifetime with proper dental hygiene maintenance.

With dental implants, you can enjoy the stability, durability, and ease of your replacement teeth without any parts that can move or cause discomfort.

The cost of dental implant treatment depends on many factors, including:

  • How many dental implants are required?
  • Type of dental implants do you require
  • Is bone grafting required?
  • Your choice of anesthesia
  • Your dental insurance coverage

Las Vegas dentist Marielaina Perrone DDS will cover all of these variables with you during the free consultation and discuss your options for financing and payment plans.

Denture Replacement With Dental Implants

Dentures are another option for replacing missing teeth. Unfortunately, they only restore the appearance of your smile with limited functional improvements.

Removable dentures rest directly on the bony ridge of the jaws and do not provide the same stability or durability as natural teeth or dental implants. Many denture wearers will often seek a more stable, comfortable, and long-term solution and look towards dental implants.

Dental implants can restore your smile and function through full-arch restoration. This treatment uses several dental implants to support a fixed prosthesis. Your dentist can replace partial dentures with implant-supported bridges or multiple single dental implants.

If you are looking for a denture replacement in Las Vegas, NV, Marielaina Perrone DDS can help.

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Dental Implants Las Vegas FAQ


Odds are, you are healthy enough to receive a dental implant. Additional dental procedures, such as a bone graft, may be necessary to create a stable foundation for the dental implant.

Candidates need healthy gums to undergo dental implant surgery. Healthy gum tissue is essential for adequate healing. Gum disease needs to be treated before even considering dental implants surgery.


Maybe. Some dental insurance plans cover the cost of dental implant treatment. Ask your insurance company if yours is one of them.


On average, this entire healing process takes between 3 and 6 months.


Patients should practice good at-home oral hygiene by brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits.


Typically, dental implants require a higher cost than other tooth replacement solutions. However, many patients view dental implants as an investment in their long-term oral health.

Dental implants can last a lifetime when properly cared for, unlike other tooth replacement options.


Yes! After your dentist confirms the implant has healed correctly and placed your crown, you can eat all your favorite foods, including steak and nuts!

Dental Implants In Las Vegas NV

If you are experiencing tooth loss and are interested in your tooth replacement options, we invite you to contact us for an appointment.

To learn more about dental implant surgery in Las Vegas at Marielaina Perrone DDS or to schedule a cosmetic dental implant consultation, please get in touch with us today at 702-458-2929.

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Dr. Marielaina Perrone is a passionate and highly experienced dental professional committed to delivering exceptional patient care. With more than 20 years of experience in the dental industry, Dr. Perrone is recognized as a leading authority in her field, renowned for her innovative solutions and personalized approach to patient care. Her dedication to providing outstanding dental services has earned her awards as a top dentist in Las Vegas, NV.