How Long Does Botox Last?

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Botox is the brand name for botulinum toxin A. This is a neurotoxin derived from Clostridium botulinum. There are currently four different types of botulinum toxin on the market that are FDA-approved for cosmetic facial wrinkles.

These include Botox Cosmetic, Xeomin, Dysport, and now Jeuveau.

How Does Botox Work?

The botulinum toxin works by blocking a signal from the nerve to the targeted muscle that prevents it from contracting. By preventing the contraction of specific facial muscles, there is less muscular activity, a softening of existing wrinkles, and a decrease in the formation of new wrinkles.

Botox paralyzes the muscles temporarily.

While these products have the same cosmetic results, they differ slightly in the following:

  • Onset of Activity
  • Duration of Action
  • Pain Or Discomfort

Where Can Botox Injections Be Used?

You can receive a botox treatment injection to soften and remove lines and wrinkles like:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead Wrinkles
  • Glabella
  • Laugh lines
  • Frown lines

It is important to note that Botox treatment is only effective for dynamic lines and wrinkles. These are the wrinkles associated with repetitive muscle movements and facial expressions. Static wrinkles related to aging, sagging skin, loss of facial volume, or sun damage, for instance, are not suited for Botox cosmetic treatment.

If you have cosmetic concerns about static wrinkles along with dynamic lines, speak to Marielaina Perrone DDS about what other cosmetic treatment options (for example, dermal fillers) are available to you.

How Long Does Botox Last Las Vegas NV

Eyebrow Lift

This is a “non-surgical eye lift” because it can counteract drooping eyebrows and open a client’s expression and face up. This new expression gives them a younger appearance and looks more awake. This leaves patients with the enviable arches they have always desired.

Gummy Smile

Many people are unhappy with the amount of gum tissue they show when they smile broadly. Botox works to relax the muscles that are over-pulling your lips. When Marielaina Perrone DDS injects these muscles, you can still smile, but you will not reveal such a large portion of gum tissue as before.

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

Botox treatment has been approved for the treatment of this condition. The hallmark of this condition has constant dampness under the arms and people who suffer from this sweat all day.

When Botox is injected, the signal is blocked from the nerve to the sweat gland. When the signal is blocked, the sweat gland will not produce sweat. This treatment can increase self-confidence.

What To Expect During Botox Injection Procedure

At your initial cosmetic consultation, your injector will discuss your goals and desires. Your cosmetic injector will let you know what is possible to achieve your goals.

Marielaina Perrone DDS will cleanse the sites of the possible injection and the areas. Marielaina Perrone DDS will apply numbing cream or local anesthetic for comfort during injections. Once areas are cleaned and numb, the injections will be completed in different locations to target the muscles to give the desired effect.

Following injections, there may be a few small bumps at the actual injection site. These bumps will disappear by the time you leave the office. There can also be some mild bruising, which typically resolves in 24-48 hours.

Finally, you will be given after-care instructions on what to do and what not to do in the next 24 hours.

Onset Of Cosmetic Results

The injection will generally take effect in 3-5 days, but it is common not to see your complete cosmetic results for 7-10 days. Marielaina Perrone DDS always tells her patients to wait a full two weeks after their Botox injection before evaluating results.

It takes time for the toxin to block off those nerve impulses to the muscles. It is not an immediate effect following botox treatment.

How long does Botox last?

On average, Botox lasts between three to six months:

  • Longevity will vary from patient to patient.
  • Some patients will experience longer cosmetic results in the 4-6 month range.
  • Some patients experience shorter results in the 2-3 month range.
  • It is not uncommon for first-time Botox patients to experience a shorter result and a longer cosmetic result in the second treatment.
  • Regular users may note that the cosmetic results last longer after multiple treatments.

The reason for retreatment is that the botulinum toxin begins to wear off, and your nerves will send signals to your muscles again to start contracting. These contractions will bring back those wrinkles and fine lines.

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How To Find The Right Botox Injector Near You

Not all Botox injectors are the same.

It would be best if you were searching for a Botox injector who has extensive training and experience.

For example, our Botox injector, Marielaina Perrone DDS, completed her training and certification in administering Botox from the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE).

Plus, as an experienced cosmetic dentist, she has years of education and experience with facial structures, including muscles, tissues, and nerves. She knows exactly where to place your injections and how much botox is needed for the optimal cosmetic result.

Typically, when you find a deal on Botox, “Buyer Beware.” You are likely paying for the injections and not the expertise and skill of the Botox injector.

How can I make Botox last longer?

Here are a few tips to help increase the longevity of your Botox results:

  • Choose an experienced, skilled Botox injector
  • Avoid rubbing your face for 24-48 hours following treatment
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours after treatment
  • Limit sun exposure
  • Avoid heat for 24 hours
  • Wear sunglasses and hats when outside
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Find an effective skincare routine
  • Eat a well-balanced diet
  • Decrease stress
  • Quit smoking

Should I Take A Break Between BOTOX Treatments? 

Patients often ask whether or not they can continue Botox treatments over an extended period or if they need to take a break between cosmetic treatments. There are several advantages to continuing regular, consistent Botox injections.

Many patients who maintain a regular Botox schedule report that they need fewer botox treatments and smaller quantities of Botox injections are needed at each treatment. Consistent Botox cosmetic injections can slow the progression of dynamic wrinkles and lines since the muscles are relaxed for an extended period.

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Botox has been proven to be safe and effective for cosmetic as well as medical conditions. Ask Marielaina Perrone DDS if Botox Cosmetic is right for you! Dr. Perrone also offers Juvederm dermal fillers as an adjunct to Botox cosmetic injections.

Contact Marielaina Perrone DDS at (702) 458-2929 to schedule a no-cost cosmetic consultation appointment if you are ready for a smile makeover. We cannot wait to help you with your oral health and your smile makeover to create your dream smile in Henderson, Summerlin, and Las Vegas, NV.