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For many athletes, the difference between winning and losing can be tiny fractions of a second. Since the beginning of time and the advent of competitive sports, man has

Sports Mouthguard Marielaina Perrone DDS

Save Your Smile And Improve Performance With A Custom Mouthguard

looked to gain any edge they can! Whether it be at the earliest Olympic games, playing in a recreational league, or  major pro sports. What if your dentist can give you the jaw protection, extra edge you need, and allow your body to perform at its optimum? Recent advancements in understanding how the body works to achieve maximum performance has allowed the development of new high performance athletic mouthguards.

Custom Made Mouthguards Can Make A Difference

The days of boil and bite mouthguards are slowly fading away. Custom made mouthguards  give you a very comfortable fit along with added performance extras. A well made custom performance athletic mouthguard can give you the following advantages:

Decreased Tooth and Jaw Damage.  A well fitting mouthguard will give proper support and protection to your teeth and jaws, leading to less physical damage resulting from facial traumas.

Increased Strength. A performance athletic mouthguard relieves muscular tension in the jaw. This  frees up energy that can be used more efficiently by other parts of the body. More power on hand equals increased energy. The end result is increased strength and flexibility.

Increased Oxygen Intake. These specially designed athletic mouthguards relax and align your jaw to significantly improve airflow and breathing.  Studies by various researchers have shown an increase of almost 29%. Increased airflow is shown to improve Heart Rate efficiency, resulting in heightened training, performance, and recovery.

Increased Endurance. Studies have shown with increased oxygen intake there is also the ability by the body to remove lactic acid faster. When you decrease lactic acid, you increase your ability to perform well longer. These studies have shown a reduction of as much as 25% lactic acid when using a high performance athletic mouthguard.

Increased Reaction Time. Studies have shown an increase by up to 12% in some athletes. This equates to a significant edge during game time.

Sports Mouthguard Marielaina Perrone DDSReduction in Athletic Stress. It has been shown that proper usage of an athletic mouthguard can cause lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol to develop during athletic action.

Increased Control Of Your Body. When your jaw is aligned properly, you further stabilize the muscles in your head, neck and spine. Body sway is reduced, resulting in stronger core stability and balance. The closer you are to your ideal jaw position, the more your muscles are stabilized and relaxed. This makes breathing deeper and easier, which improves your balance and focus.

Are There Different Types Of Performance Athletic Mouthguards?

There are a few brands out there that claim to improve performance. The leading types are made by UnderArmour and PX3. These two companies have compiled extensive research to back their claims as well as having many high profile endorsers of their product. The main thing is, that these are custom made for each individual to maximize them for their particular sport.


Your jaw, teeth, and bite are as unique as each of our fingerprints, which is why standard mouthguards are not the solution. Will a performance athletic mouthguard turn an ordinary athlete into a Super Bowl winning football player? Probably not. What it can give to any athlete is a boost that could be the difference between winning and losing at their own skill level. Wouldn’t you want that increased protection from harm, and extra competitive edge for yourself or your children?


Kids love a good bowl of cereal for breakfast in the morning. Parents have been serving it to their children for decades. The problem is, that most popular cereals have more sugar than

Honey Smacks Cereal Marielaina Perrone DDS

Highest sugar content by weight for children’s cereal

three large chocolate chip cookies!

A new study has found that one cup of over 40 of the most popular kids breakfast cereals, has more sugar than three chips ahoy brand chocolate chip cookies.

The cereal with the highest sugar content by weight is Kellogg’s Honey Smacks. A one cup serving of Honey Smacks cereal contains more sugar than a Hostess Twinkie.

In defense of the makers of these cereals, they have lowered sugar content over the years from much higher levels in the past, but more needs to be done to make them a healthier breakfast. Starting the day with high carbs and no protein allows for an initial sugar rush and a subsequent “carb-crash”. Kids need to be able to focus in school, and a good breakfast can help with that.  Kids should not be loading up on sugar first thing in the morning. Not only is it bad for their overall health but also their dental health. This high sugar, carb meal has spread to other meals as well, and is linked  to the childhood obesity crisis we are seeing worldwide, especially in the United States. A balanced breakfast of fruit, protein and carbs is what is recommended for maximum performance.

What Can Parents Do to limit Sugar intake at Breakfast?

First of all, they can make better choices at breakfast time. There are plenty of better cereal and breakfast options. A few good alternative cereals include:

-Kellogg’s Mini-Wheats: Unfrosted Bite- Size

-General Mills Cheerios Original

-General Mills Kix Original

– sprinkle the cereal over a bowl of yogurt, or have a handful of fruit and nuts with your cereal to add protein and vitamins.

Four Steps for a Healthy Morning

1. Foods with fiber or protein will sustain your child until the next meal or snack.

2. Include a serving of seasonal fresh fruit or vegetables (frozen works as well).

3. Skip the fruit juice—just eat the fruit! Fruit juice is high in acid and sugar content which are both bad for your dental health.

4. Don’t be afraid of “dinner for breakfast.” Many cultures include hearty options on breakfast menus.

Most children’s cereals fail miserably at meeting the federal government’s proposed voluntary guidelines for foods nutritious enough to be marketed to children. Sugar is the top problem, but many also contain too much fat or sodium or not enough whole grains.

The bottom line: Most parents say no to dessert for breakfast, but many children’s cereals have just as much sugar as a dessert (or more). Simple-to-prepare, healthy breakfasts for children can include fresh fruit and high-fiber, lower-sugar cereals. Better yet, pair that fruit with homemade oatmeal. Always have your children brush their teeth after breakfast, try leaving a toothbrush and toothpaste in a cup by the kitchen sink!

The top 10 worst, ranked by percent sugar by weight:

1 Kellogg’s Honey Smacks 55.6%
2 Post Golden Crisp 51.9%
3 Kellogg’s Fruit Loops Marshmallow 48.3%
4 Quaker Oats Cap’n Crunch’s OOPS! All Berries 46.9%
5 Quaker Oats Cap’n Crunch Original 44.4%
6 Quaker Oats Oh!s 44.4%
7 Kellogg’s Smorz 43.3%
8 Kellogg’s Apple Jacks 42.9%
9 Quaker Oats Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries 42.3%
10 Kellogg’s Fruit Loops Original 41.4%

To keep your family healthy and safe, visit your physician regularly for annual check ups and visit your dentist to ensure your children are not developing tooth cavities from poor nutritional choices in the mornings.