What Is The Main Cause Of Cold Sores?

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Cold sores (fever blisters) – are a group of fluid-filled blisters that typically appear at the lip edge and in and around the mouth. A viral infection causes a Cold sore. Cold sores can be uncomfortable and esthetically unattractive. They usually heal in 7-14 days. Cold sores are typically caused by a herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1).…

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Top 10 Alternative Uses For Toothpaste

Most people are aware of toothpaste‘s main use, as a tooth cleaning aid…But did you know toothpaste can be useful around the house for things other than keeping your teeth clean and breath fresh? Alternative Uses For Toothpaste 1. Decrease pimple outbreaks – Works great as an overnight application to prevent an impending zit or…

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