Top Quirky Dental Facts You May Not Know

Cosmetic Dentist Marielaina Perrone DDS

When thinking about all things dental related, there are many things we may not be aware of. Listed below is an accumulation of strange and interesting facts about teeth, smiles, and dental history. -Among the first known dentists in the world were the Etruscans. In 700 BC they carved false teeth from the teeth of…

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Bruxism And The BruxZir Porcelain Crown

Bruxism (also called teeth grinding) – is the habitual, involuntary grinding or clenching of your teeth, usually during sleep, but can also occur during the day. The cause of bruxism is unknown but it is often associated with anger, tension, fear, frustration, and stress. Many people go through periods in their lives where they grind…

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