Periodontal Disease Treatment With OralDNA Testing

Marielaina Perrone DDS OralDNA

Dentistry is not a one size fits all type of medicine. Dentistry is a very personalized treatment for our dental health. This includes treatment and management of periodontal disease. DNA testing is all the craze with companies like 23andMe. But did you know you can use DNA testing for oral diseases as well? The company…

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Is Oral Cancer In Your Future?

For most of the world the mere mention of the word cancer is frightening. Everyone’s lives have been touched in some way by this dreaded disease. However, with today’s medical advancements many different types of cancer of very treatable and very curable. Unfortunately, oral cancer is not one of those types of cancer. In fact,…

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Beware Of Oral Cancer

Cancer is never an easy disease to face. Many types of cancer are very treatable especially when diagnosed early. Oral cancer is one of those that are easily treatable in its very earliest stages. However, the prognosis changes dramatically once it progresses. Oral cancer is any cancer of the mouth and the pharynx. The most common…

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