What Does Dental Insurance Cover?


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The world of health insurance is an ever-evolving industry. For many patients, it can be overwhelming. Like your health insurance, dental insurance can be a crucial piece to maintaining your dental health. Having coverage allows you to receive more affordable preventive care and possibly avoid more severe problems if you cannot see the dentist regularly.

Marielaina Perrone DDS and her dental team can help you understand exactly the kind of coverage you have under your dental insurance policy. They can also help you know what you can expect your out-of-pocket costs for various dental treatments. This communication will allow you to understand your dental coverage better.

Dental Insurance Coverage Explained 

Your dental office should be one of your calls when attempting to figure out the benefits of your policy. The staff can help you understand what treatments you are covered for and what out-of-pocket financial costs you can expect. 

Marielaina Perrone DDS offers payment plans (CareCredit) that allow patients to make payments over time, so dental problems do not go left untreated and become more significant problems in the future. 

Typical Dental Insurance Benefits

It would be best if you viewed your dental insurance benefit as more of a discount card. 

Dental insurance is a way to offset some dental care costs and maintain optimal dental health through routine examinations and professional cleanings. Typically they are not for covering the entire costs of various procedures. 

What Is Considered Basic Dental Coverage?

Every dental insurance policy will be different in what it covers and what it does not. However, a standard dental insurance plan should cover between 70 and 100 percent of the costs for the following treatments:

  • Routine Dental Examinations
  • Professional Dental Cleaning Every 6 Months
  • Fluoride Treatments For Children
  • Dental Sealants For Children
  • Routine X-Rays

Out of Pocket Procedures 

Dental insurance plans typically have levels of coverage. Based on the type of coverage you have selected, your insurance may also cover a defined financial percentage of more involved procedures like:

Is Dental Insurance Needed?

Regular dental check-ups and proper oral hygiene are essential for maintaining oral health. While dental insurance can be beneficial, its necessity depends on individual circumstances. You may not require it if you visit the dentist twice a year and practice good oral hygiene. However, routine examinations and cleanings can detect and address minor issues before they worsen.

It’s essential to consider the cost versus the coverage you need. Maintaining a healthy diet, following your dentist’s guidance, and preventing gum disease and cavities through proper oral care is critical. For assistance in maximizing dental insurance benefits, consult our team at Marielaina Perrone DDS.

About Marielaina Perrone, DDS

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Dr. Marielaina Perrone is a highly respected and experienced dentist in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, with over two decades of expertise in providing quality dental care to her patients. She graduated from Stony Brook University School Of Dental Medicine and has completed advanced training in cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, and orthodontics.

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Dr. Perrone takes a patient-centered approach and believes in personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual’s unique needs and preferences. Her gentle and compassionate demeanor creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for patients during their dental appointments.

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