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The Benefits Of Drinking Tea And Your Oral Health

Many of us have long known the benefits of drinking tea regularly. Some of these benefits include improving our immune system, building stronger bones, and protect against aging (anti-oxidants). However, drinking tea regularly can also help our dental health. Recent research suggests drinking black or green tea daily can give you amazing dental health benefits. Below you will find a few that might make drinking tea daily a worthwhile endeavor.

Oral Health Benefits Of  Tea

– Tea As A Natural Antibacterial Rinse. One of the main componenets of  tea is polyphenol. Recent research has shown that polyphenols (specifically catechin and theaflavin polyphenols) can inhibit the growth of oral bacteria. The antibacterial action can take place over a 48 hour period.

Reduction In Bad Breath (Halitosis). Research has also shown that these polyphenols also help to eliminate bad breath. These compounds have the ability to inhibit the proper functioning of the enzymes that act as a catalyst for the production of hydrogen sulfide. Production of hydrogen sulfide contributes to bad breath.

Eliminate Oral Infections. Just as black or green tea can inhibit your oral bacteria they can also inhibit bacteria present in oral infections such as strep throat and tooth decay. Tea is also a natural source of fluoride which can promote healthy dental enamel. Another compound present in tea called tannins can inhibit the growth of plaque causing bacteria as well.

Clotting Aide. The tannins in tea may help reduce bleeding and aid in clotting.

Help Stop Oral Cancer. Black tea can also help in the prevention of oral cancer. Research has shown that black tea has the ability to reverse cancer causing changes to the DNA of cells lining the oral cavity.

Black/Green Tea Conclusion

The health benefits of black and green tea consumption have been found through research. So, sit back, sip on a cup of tea, and begin to improve your oral health.

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