Overcoming Resistance to Toddler Tooth Brushing

toddler tooth brushing henderson nv marielaina perrone dds

As a parent, few things can be more frustrating than battles with your toddler over brushing their teeth. However, it is essential not to see toddler tooth brushing as a fight you need to “win.” Instead, approach it as an opportunity to nurture healthy lifelong habits and create a bond with your child. With empathy,…

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Why Do We Lose Our Baby Teeth?

Pediatric Dentistry Las Vegas NV

  Losing our baby teeth is an important milestone in any child’s development. Teeth are an integral part of our development whether we realize it or not. Our teeth are needed not only for chewing but also for speaking. They are also necessary for the growth and development of our face and jaws. They are…

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Top Reasons For Caring For Your Baby’s Teeth

Many people assume that a baby’s teeth  are not important to care for because they will fall out eventually. This is simply not so. Not only can breakdown of these primary teeth cause severe discomfort and infection to your child, they can also have far reaching consequences into adulthood. As a matter of fact, in…

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Cosmetic Dentistry Options For Kids

Cosmetic Dentistry Marielaina Perrone DDS

Cosmetic dentistry is often perceived as an adult only option in dentistry. While that may be the case most of the time, cosmetic dentistry options for kids do exist. Most of these cosmetic dentistry options for younger patients tend to be minimally invasive.  Cosmetic dentistry for children is a delicate balance between changing a smile…

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Are All Dental Crowns The Same?

Dental crowns are a dental restoration that completely covers and protects a tooth or a dental implant. Dental crowns are often necessary when extensive tooth decay or trauma has destroyed a large portion of the natural tooth structure, leaving it easily fracturable. Crowns will restore its strength, shape and improve its esthetic appearance. Dental crowns are typically…

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Teething and Your Baby

Teething – The eruption and cutting of teeth especially the primary teeth. Teething can be a very difficult time for parents and child. The child will experience some level of discomfort and most parents cannot bear to see their children hurting at all. Not to mention the possible loss of sleep for baby and parents. Signs…

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