Healthy Lunches For A New School Year

Marielaina Perrone DDS General Health

Back to school for kids is always a nervous and exciting time for children and parents alike. What teacher will they get? Will their friends be in the in class with them? One often overlooked item is school lunch and their associated snacks. Most schools these days have certain policies of trying to be more…

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Is Holiday Snacking Harmful To Your Dental Health?

As we are in the middle of the Holiday season there are lots of tempting treats to pick on. Most are okay in moderation but some are likely to create problems for your dental health. Issues that could be created include tooth decay and even fractured teeth. Below are a listing of some to be careful of: 1. Popcorn. An…

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Happy Halloween!!

Hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Halloween!!   Facts About Halloween: -Over 35 million pounds of candy corn will be made this year alone. This equals nearly 9 billion pieces. That is enough candy corn to circle the moon 4 times if laid end to end. -Candy makes up only about 6% of the…

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