Cranberries as Tooth Saviors?

Cranberries are a timeless traditional part of any family’s Thanksgiving day feast. But did you know they are also protectors of your teeth on this special holiday? Studies have shown that cranberries can help as a defense against the harmful bacteria that causes tooth decay. During most Thanksgiving Day feasts, we consume large amounts of…

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Are Sports Mouthguards Necessary?

Sports mouthguards are completely necessary if you wish to maintain your teeth while participating in a contact activity. Dental injuries are the #1 type of facial injury sustained during participation in athletic sports. Victims of total tooth avulsions (knocked out teeth) who do not have teeth properly preserved or replanted may face lifetime dental costs…

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Want A Whiter Smile?

Marielaina Perrone DDS Botox

A Bright and Shiny smile is a wish for the young and old. Your own teeth may be a little dull looking. You have clean, healthy teeth but you wish they were several shades whiter. A confident smile expresses capability and a belief in oneself.  A bright smile lights up a face. It makes a…

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