Causes And Treatment Of Enamel Erosion

Cosmetic Orthodontics Las Vegas NV

  Tooth enamel erosion occurs when the thin outer layer of teeth, known as enamel, begins to wear and break down. Despite being the hardest tissue in the human body, enamel can be damaged over time, leaving the underlying dentin layer vulnerable. With its vital role in protecting teeth from daily wear and tear, preserving…

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Dental Emergency – Broken Tooth

Emergency Dentist Henderson NV

  Dental emergencies and accidents happen, and they are rarely convenient. They tend to occur after hours when your dental office has already closed. Below are a few dental emergencies and what to do if they happen to you. Broken Or Cracked Tooth Teeth are powerful and can withstand tremendous forces. But they can break,…

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Dental Urgent Care Las Vegas

Dental urgent care is not exactly like it is in medicine. There are not stand alone businesses just to handle a dental emergency. There are however, dental offices in Las Vegas and across America ready and able to handle your dental emergency. What types of issues are considered a dental emergency that you would need…

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