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Dental emergencies are never convenient and can lead to pain, swelling, discomfort, or even more significant issues. However, you may wonder what a dental emergency is and the signs to look for before calling an emergency dentist in Las Vegas, NV.

Understanding the difference between a dental issue that you can wait until your next dental appointment and a true dental emergency that can threaten your health is essential. Below we will discuss what you should know about dental emergencies and how to recognize a dental problem that requires immediate attention.

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is any dental problem that needs immediate treatment to alleviate severe pain, stop bleeding or save a tooth. This also applies to dental infections that can ultimately be life-threatening if left untreated.

Common dental emergencies and signs you need emergency dental care.

Dental emergencies often have hallmark signs of pain and bleeding. To determine if you need immediate emergency dental care or if you can wait until your next dental office visit, check for the following:

You have a loose or knocked-out tooth.

You should see your dentist immediately if your teeth are loose or have been knocked out of your mouth by trauma. A loose or knocked-out tooth can indicate a localized infection (such as tooth decay or periodontal disease) or a tooth injury (usually caused by a heavy impact from falling, a sports injury, or a car accident). Sometimes, your dentist can reinsert your tooth, preserve it, identify the root cause, and provide immediate treatment and relief.

If you have a knocked-out tooth, do the following:

  • Carefully pick the tooth up without touching its root
  • Rinse it but do not scrub it
  • If you can, reinsert it into its socket
  • If you cannot reinsert it, place it in a container of water or milk
  • Visit your Dr. Perrone as soon as possible to increase the chances of saving your natural tooth
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Presence of a severe toothache.

It would be best if you never ignored tooth pain and discomfort. If you experience unexplainable or sudden tooth pain, or the pain’s severity has increased, visit an emergency dentist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Your gums ache, become swollen, or bleed.

Problems like occasional gum irritation are not considered a true dental emergency. However, gums with excessive or recurring bleeding can indicate an underlying health or dental issue, especially if accompanied by swelling and pain. Your dentist should treat these symptoms (especially if caused by periodontal disease) to save your smile and health.

Swelling of the mouth or jaws.

If your jaw or mouth suddenly becomes swollen for no apparent reason, seek immediate dental care. These symptoms can indicate a severe dental infection, lymph node irritation, or an underlying issue a dentist needs to address immediately.

You notice signs of an abscessed tooth.

An abscessed tooth is a painful, severe, and possibly life-threatening infection usually found at the root of the infected tooth. It can be caused by severe periodontal disease, untreated tooth decay, or any trauma to the teeth, like a chipped or cracked tooth. Symptoms of an abscessed tooth include:

  • Unexplained Fever
  • Foul taste in the mouth
  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Persistent tooth pain
  • Pimple-like bumps on your gums
  • Swollen face
  • Lymph node tenderness in your neck

An abscessed tooth is a dental emergency because the infection can spread beyond the mouth and be life-threatening.

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Your dental filling is missing (or your mouth tastes like metal)

If you have a metal restoration and your mouth suddenly starts tasting like metal, your old filling might be loose or cracked. A missing filling is a potential dental emergency, as your tooth can break easily due to the lack of reinforcement provided by the dental filling. The nerve of your tooth may be exposed to air, leading to several other dental problems requiring immediate dental care.

An object/food is lodged between your teeth.

You should see your dentist immediately if an object or piece of food becomes lodged between your teeth and flossing or brushing cannot remove it. Failure to remove the object can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, gum irritation, crooked teeth (as it can shift your teeth), or a dental infection.

Your dental crown breaks or falls off.

You should immediately see your emergency dentist if your dental crown breaks or completely falls off. The lost crown exposes your tooth and makes it susceptible to infection and further damage. An emergency dental visit to replace your dental crown can help you avoid the need for an extraction, root canal, or other dental procedure to preserve your smile.

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