PDO Threads for Facial Rejuvenation

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Polydioxanone (PDO) absorbable threads offer a popular minimally invasive option for facial rejuvenation. As the PDO threads dissolve over six months, they mechanically lift tissues while spurring collagen regeneration for more sustained, gradual aesthetic improvements. However, research quantifying thread lift effectiveness over time still needs to be done. 

A new study from Brazil demonstrated using ultrasound scans to visualize progressive skin changes from PDO threading. Tracking structural impacts on the dermal and subcutaneous (fat) layers provided unique insights into PDO thread rejuvenation longevity.

How PDO Threads Work?

PDO threads inserted under the skin anchor to facial structures and reposition sagging muscles, fat, and skin. The threads also trigger inflammation, prompting tissue healing by forming scar collagen and connective fibers reinforcing lifted areas. As threads dissolve, neocollagenesis occurs in the human body as a natural component of wound repair. The formation of new collagen in scars results from an inflammatory response to injury. This inflammation produces increased fibroblast stimulation and collagen deposits. This action continues remodeling firmer facial structure. Secondary fat loss further contours the facial shape.

Facial Rejuvenation Study Methods From Brazilian Study

  • 10 patients aged 40-50 with moderate mid and lower face sagging received PDO thread lifts
  • Ultrasound measurements of dermal and fat (hypodermis) layers taken at 5 points on each cheek pre-procedure and 30, 60, 90, and 120 days post-lift
  • Clinical photos evaluated before and 120 days after

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Key Results

  • Dermal thickness increased significantly by 90 days post-lift and remained increased at 120 days across all measured regions, indicating substantial new collagen formation around absorbed threads 
  • Fat layer thickness decreased significantly in most areas by 30 days and remained reduced at 120 days, showing adipocyte destruction and fat volume loss from threading
  • Facial sagging visibly improved in all clinical photos by 120 days

Ultrasound Charting Facial Rejuvenation Effects Over Time

“We can define that the PDO threads used for the facelift are effective in the formation of collagen around the thread…and improvement of the condition of the anti-aging factor through sagging skin, vascularization and thinning of the superficial fat layer.”– Study authors

The noninvasive ultrasound measurements allowed precise tracking of progressive facial rejuvenation effects from the PDO treatment. Both the documented dermal thickening and fat layer reduction correlated with visible clinical improvements in before and after photographs.

While thread lifts offer subtle aesthetic enhancements versus surgical options, the technique avoids general anesthesia risks and prolonged recovery. Patients can resume normal activities usually within a few days.

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Validating Thread Lift Methods Through Expanding Research

Currently the research into thread lift techniques and materials is limited and in small samples. However, this Brazilian study represents growing efforts to build an evidence base validating best practices for precision facial rejuvenation.

The researchers suggest ultrasound offers a reliable tool for analyzing the effectiveness of specific PDO lift protocols for facial rejuvenation. Beyond confirming positive structural impacts, ultrasound can help identify optimal thread insertion points and planes for customized outcomes. 

Future comparisons across larger patient groups can determine safety benchmarks and ideal thread combinations, maximizing individual aesthetic goals. Standardized grading scales applied to clinical photographs and measurable tissue changes will better quantify comparative results.

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Facial Rejuvenation Conclusion

In a time in our world where patients increasingly seek subtle anti-aging solutions over full surgical makeovers, absorbable threading presents an appealing facial rejuvenation option. This research demonstrates ultrasound imaging as a vital technique for charting, evaluating, and refining PDO thread lift methods.

The adage “trust but verify” carries weight with advanced cosmetic procedures like threading. Moving beyond purely anecdotal evidence through anatomically grounded trials promises to elevate precision rejuvenation to an accountable esthetic science.

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