Look More Youthful With Help…..From Your Dentist

Let’s face it we all want to retain our youthful appearance as we age. One of the things that stands out most to others is a persons smile. If a person is confident with their teeth they will smile more. That’s a known fact.

There are a few ways a dentist can make you look younger in a very short time.

1. Teeth Whitening. This is an easy one. Can be done at home or in office(utilizing advanced techniques…like a laser). Results are the same just faster in office.

2. Straighten Teeth. As we age our teeth tend to shift here and there. Allowing for our smile to change. For some this adds character. For others they hide the areas that have shifted by changing the way they smile. This can be easily corrected in most cases. Depending on severity of shifting and health of teeth and gums.

3 .Change old worn down fillings(restorations) to newer materials which are the same color as your teeth. As we whiten our teeth, the natural part of tooth will whiten but fillings(restorations or crowns) will not. These need to be replaced to give your smile the natural color it deserves.

4. Night Guard. Wearing a night guard at night will preserve the height of your teeth. Why is this important? As we age and we grind down our teeth thru chewing and grinding, we change the relationship they have to the top teeth and bottom teeth. this can result in a closed smile. Which will make your skin around your mouth sag. Ever see someone who wears dentures?……If the tooth height is not restored properly their mouths will look sunken in.

5. Juvederm Dermal Fillers. Yes, dentists can do this. Not all but some do offer this. To remove some of our laugh lines around our mouths and cheeks. Makes a big difference if someone wants to go the extra step in creating a youthful appearance.

6. Botox. Again, some dentists are offering this service. Can also improve your look to eliminate unwanted wrinkles.

7. Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers. If you are unhappy with your smile and want anew look. This is the best way to achieve that. Most Hollywood actors have porcelain veneers. This gives them the advantage of having the teeth they want.

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