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Restore And Enhance Your Smile!

The terms full mouth reconstruction and smile makeover refer to comprehensive type dental treatment plans. Each plan involves undergoing two or more dentistry procedures to address several dental issues. However, each type of treatment differs in how they improve your dental health and smile.

A full mouth reconstruction will focus on restorative dental treatments to rehabilitate your smile. On the opposite end, Smile makeovers typically only involve cosmetic dental treatments to restore and enhance the appearance of your smile.

Marielaina Perrone DDS offers both a full mouth reconstruction and a smile makeover.

Read below to see what is involved:

What Is Included In A Full Mouth Reconstruction?

The main purpose of a full mouth reconstruction is to restore your lost function. A full mouth reconstruction works by repairing or fixing dental problems using multiple restorative dental procedures simultaneously to improve your smile’s health, form, and function. These issues can include tooth decay, periodontal disease, tooth loss, or trauma damage.

Below are some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures involved in full mouth reconstruction.

Root Canal Treatment:

This endodontic treatment involves the removal of the infected tooth pulp. The goal of root canal treatment is to save the tooth and prevent the spread of dental infection. Root canal treatment involves cleaning and filling the tooth’s canals. Following completion, your dentist will restore the tooth with a dental crown to protect the remaining tooth structure.

Tooth Extraction: 

Tooth extraction involves the complete removal of a tooth or teeth. Dental problems that may cause an extraction include periodontal disease, dental infections, dental trauma, and wisdom teeth. A simple extraction is one in which the tooth is visible above the gum line. In contrast, a surgical extraction will require the removal of bone and gum tissues.

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Dental Crowns: 

These crowns are custom fabricated to restore your tooth size, shape, and function. They can also protect your tooth following root canal treatment. Dental crowns can repair cracked and worn down teeth, strengthen a weakened natural tooth, cover dental implants, and support dental bridges.

Dental Bridges: 

These bridges are tooth replacement solutions consisting of a false tooth (called a pontic) suspended between two or more crowns. The crowns attach to adjacent teeth to give support to the bridge. Dental bridges can replace one or several missing teeth and restore function and speech.

Porcelain Veneers: 

Are ultra-thin tooth-colored shells that fit over the front of your teeth. They are the ideal solution for chipped teeth, a misaligned smile, and uneven teeth as well as worn-down teeth.

Dental Implants:

Are permanent tooth replacements that consist of titanium posts that are surgically placed into your jaw to act as the root, restored with a dental crown. Dental implants can replace one or more missing teeth and support dental restorations such as crowns, dentures, and bridges. Dental implants also help maintain bone health, just like natural teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment:

Correcting misalignments and a crowded smile can improve dental health as well as esthetics. Straight teeth are much easier to keep clean and reduce the risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease.

What Is Included In a Smile Makeover Treatment?

A smile makeover treatment is a process of enhancing the appearance of your smile through cosmetic dentistry treatments. It is mainly for esthetic purposes and enhances your smile by fixing dental flaws such as teeth discoloration, gaps between teeth, and an uneven smile.

Below are common smile makeover treatment procedures:

Teeth Whitening:

Whitening can get rid of staining and can whiten your teeth several shades. Whitening treatments can occur in-office, or you can choose a take-home kit that includes a custom whitening gel and custom trays that are made just for your smile. Teeth whitening is a hallmark smile makeover service.

Smile Makeover Full Mouth Reconstruction

Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers can cover a wide range of smile flaws at once. These flaws can include permanent discoloration, gaps, misshapen teeth, and minor misalignments. Porcelain veneers mimic our natural teeth with the way they transmit light.

Dental Crowns: 

Custom fabricated crowns can restore the shape, size, and color of your natural teeth along with function. Porcelain crowns are very esthetic as they blend directly with your natural teeth.

Orthodontic Braces or Invisalign:

Braces can straighten crooked teeth to give you an even, beautiful smile. Invisalign clear aligners work to straighten your teeth without metal brackets and wires. Invisalign works exceptionally well for mild to moderate alignment issues. In contrast, orthodontic braces are more appropriate for moderate to severe cases.

Accommodating Your Timeline and Budget

Full mouth reconstruction and smile makeovers are designed to be as convenient for the patient as possible. Various treatments can be phased in slowly over time based on individual scheduling and financial needs.

Is A Full Mouth Reconstruction Or Smile Makeover Right for Me?

The ideal way to find your ideal treatment is by visiting a qualified dentist for a complete evaluation. Your dentist will perform a complete and thorough examination and recommend the best options for your needs and smile desires. Regardless of the type of treatment you need or choose, you must address any periodontal issues before undergoing either one to prevent complications and get the optimal smile results.

Both a full mouth reconstruction and a smile makeover contain similar treatments, but the objective of each is very different. Full mouth reconstruction addresses form and function, and a smile makeover is focused mainly on cosmetics. However, each will also cross over into the others area.

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