Dental Myths Busted!

Myths and old wives tales are rampant through many families. In the age of the internet, these can be magnified even more so. Below you will find some of the most popular dental myths and the real truth about each one.

Top Dental Myths

-Losing Baby Teeth From Tooth Decay Is OK – Primary teeth erupt and fall out of the mouth on a timely schedule. Any change in that schedule creates issues. The major issue is the loss of space for the permanent teeth. Loss of teeth from tooth decay not only creates pain and discomfort for your children but will also have long term effects that could lead to orthodontic treatment.

Osteoporosis Only Affects The Bones Of The Body – It is often forgotten that our teeth are held in by the jaw which is one of our bones. Osteoporosis can affect all the bones of the body including the jawbones. When it affects the bones surrounding our teeth it will lead to tooth loss.

-My Teeth Are Weak Just Like My Parents – Many people believe their teeth may be inherently weak because they have more tooth decay than others. This is simply not true. Unless you have a developmental defect affecting your enamel or other layer so of the teeth all are teeth are strong. It takes work to keep them cavity free. This includes brushing, flossing, and rinsing with an antibacterial rinse on a daily basis.

-My Teeth Do Not Hurt So I Do Not Need To Visit The Dentist – Regular dental visits are important to maintain your dental health as well as your overall health. A good example is regular dental visits allow you to be screened for oral cancer. Early diagnosis of oral cancer is important for long term survival. In short, a regular dental examination is for more than just checking for tooth decay.

-Are My Wisdom Teeth Causing Crowding? – Your wisdom teeth erupt into the mouth between ages 17-22. Wisdom teeth generally have no effect on the crowding of other teeth. Our mouths are constantly changing. If your teeth are crowding, orthodontic therapy is the only choice.

-My Tooth Decay Must Be Genetic – Tooth decay is certainly not genetic. Tooth decay is due to the bacteria in our mouths and that can be passed down to us from our parents. This usually occurs when kissing or sharing a spoon as a baby. Tooth decay is not genetic but the bacteria in our mouths can be passed down from parents.

Toothpick Use Can Create Spaces In Between Teeth – Toothpicks merely serve as a way to keep our teeth clean after meals. They give us the ability to remove food debris from in between our teeth. While they do not do as good a job as flossing or even brushing they do help when you are unable to brush and floss right away. They do not create spaces between teeth.

Dental Myths Conclusion

While many myths have some truth to them, the ones above are nothing more than falsehoods. It is important to get the facts straight when maintaining dental hygiene. Research has shown that maintaining a healthy oral cavity will help maintain our overall health as well.

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