Dental Care And Protection From CoronaVirus


Covid Marielaina Perrone DDS

As we begin to emerge from our government imposed quarantine, there will be a lot of questions abut how to keep patients and employees safe and disease free. As many know, the dental field goes above and beyond in maintaining a clean work area for both patients and employees.

Precautions We Will Take For Your Safety

Pre Appointment

Our regulations have increased dramatically since the development of HIV/AIDS. Our daily coverage includes use of surgical masks, eye wear, gloves and surgical gowns. This is along with disinfecting the room before and after patients arrive. So how will operations change following development of coronavirus?

-Patients will be screened at time of setting the appointment. A series of questions will be asked to confirm the patient is safe for dental treatment. If safe, appointment will be made.

We will go above and beyond our normal protocols and institute as sterile an environment as is humanly possible in a dental office setting. The following will list what our office will be doing to protect you and our workers.

-When the office is ready for you to come into the office, we will call or text you. This will alert you it is safe to come into the office. Again the office will minimize the amount of people in the office at any one time.

-Patients will be asked to call the office when they arrive in the parking lot to alert the staff that they have arrived. There will be no waiting in the waiting room. During this call our office will ask you a series of questions to assess your physical well being.

-You will notice a plexiglass barrier placed at our front desk. This will protect our staff and patients from direct contact. It will feel impersonal but in these times we have no choice but to look out for all of our safety. Your safety and ours is our #1 priority while giving first class dental treatment.

-Once you arrive in the office, your temperature will be taken. If normal we will allow you to enter the office for treatment. If there is an elevated temperature (temperature greater than 100 degrees will be turned away) you will be advised that you cannot recieve treatment that day.

-You will be provided with hand sanitizer and foot covers before proceeding to operatory area. You will then be asked if you were screened by the front desk and your temperature will be taken again. You will be given a nose mask to wear during procedures and most procedures will be done utilizing a rubber dam. This will help keep moisture release to a minimum. If it is necessary for someone to accompany you, they will need to wear a mask in the room and go through the same screening process.

Dental Treatment

-Our staff will only work on one patient at a time. This means they will stay with an individual patient for the entire appointment time. They will stay protected for you and for them.

-Extra precautions our office has added:

  1. All staff will be given N95 masks. This is above and beyond the normal surgical masks that are usually worn. While surgical masks give moderate protection, N95 give excellent protection and are recommended by the CDC (Center For Disease Control) and ADA (American Dental Association) for employee and patient protection.
  2. All staff will wear surgical scrubs that have been provided for in office use only. These surgical scrubs will be sterilized at end of day so employees do not leave the office with possibly contaminated clothing. The surgical scrubs will be washed and sterilized in office.
  3. All staff will also wear eye protection and face shields for added protection. Added protection will also include head and foot covers.
  4. We have also acquired additional items for the patient’s safety. These include an extra oral suction which will remove any aerosols that are developed thru dental treatment.
  5. UV Light Disinfectant. UV-C light has been found to be very effective against virus and bacterial membranes causing them to become inactive upon exposure. UV-C Light will be used at end of each day to disinfect the office from possible exposure.
  6. Our office carpet will be removed and hard surface flooring will be installed to make disinfection easier and more effective.

Post Dental Appointment

-All Payments and future appointments will be done via telephone. We are trying to limit human to human contact as much as possible at this time.

CoronaVirus Protection Conclusion

Our #1 priority has always been our patients and staff. This does not change during this time. We will do whatever is recommended and then some to ensure your and our safety. If you have any questions please feel free to ask we are always available to answer your concerns.

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