The Mystery Behind Bruxism and TMD

bruxism tmd henderson nv marielaina perrone dds

Do you wake up with a sore jaw or experiencing clicking sounds when you chew? You might be dealing with two common yet perplexing oral health issues: bruxism and temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD). Bruxism, often called teeth grinding or clenching, is a habit that affects people of all ages. At the same time, Temporomandibular joint…

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How TMJ Disorders Are Linked to Your Ears, Neck and Shoulders

tmj disorders las vegas nv marielaina perrone dds

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a complex hinge-like joint that connects your jaw to your skull, allowing you to perform important functions like eating, speaking, and breathing. TMJ disorders, commonly known as TMD (temporomandibular disorders), can show itself in various ways, often causing pain and discomfort not only in the jaw but also in areas…

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Beyond Bone Health: Tymlos in Dental Care

tymlos osteoporosis henderson nv marielaina perrone dds

Tymlos (abaloparatide) is a medication primarily used to treat osteoporosis in postmenopausal women at high risk for fracture. While its main focus is on bone health, its effects on bone metabolism and potential side effects can affect dental care. Understanding these connections is vital for both patients and dental healthcare providers. The Role of Tymlos…

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Osteoarthritis Treatment Revolution

osteoarthritis henderson nv marielaina perrone dds

For those battling osteoarthritis, the standard of medical treatment has long been limited to pain management and invasive joint surgery. However, groundbreaking research led by Dr. Mildred Embree, DMD, PhD, at the Cartilage Biology and Regenerative Medicine Lab, Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, aims to transform this treatment narrative. In a recent study published…

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The Power of Custom Mouthguards for TMD Relief

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Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD or TMJ disorder) impacts millions of people around the world. This condition develops when the jaw is incorrectly positioned, leading to excessive pressure on the temporomandibular joint that is attached to the jaw muscles. TMD affects individuals in various ways depending on the specific structures involved, as the temporomandibular joint comprises…

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Do You Have TMD Symptoms?

TMD Symptoms Henderson NV

  When the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are fatigued or damaged, it can lead to temporomandibular joint dysfunction or disorder (TMD) symptoms. Marielaina Perrone DDS can treat your TMJ Disorder with therapies specific to the TMJ joint. She is well experienced and has extensive training to diagnose and treat TMD.  With a complete and thorough dental…

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Why Patients Love Marielaina Perrone DDS

Top Las Vegas Dentist

Marielaina Perrone DDS 5 Star Dental Care! Marielaina Perrone DDS is a highly rated dentist in Las Vegas, Nevada. With so many choices for dental care, patients choose her when they want the best dental care and cosmetic dentistry. The office is inviting and friendly. Dr Perrone has a full service dental practice meaning services…

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Link Between Sleep Apnea And TMJ Disorder?

Sleep Apnea Henderson NV

  Have you ever experienced pain or clicking in your jaw? These symptoms are prevalent in a dental health disorder referred to as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). On the flip side, if you are also experiencing sleepiness during daytime hours, difficulty concentrating during the day, partner experiencing loud snoring, mood changes, or abrupt awakenings during…

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What Is Botox Cosmetic?

Cosmetic Dentistry Botox

What Is Botox Cosmetic? Botox cosmetic is a neurotoxin derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. If this toxin sounds familiar you may have heard that it can also cause a serious type of food poisoning called botulism. In medicine with controlled dosing, botox acts by weakening or paralyzing s specific muscle or muscles. They can…

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Botox For TMJ

Botox cosmetic has been used by plastic surgeons for years for cosmetic reasons. Dentists more recently have been using Botox for similar reasons but also as additional therapies. These therapies can now include therapy for Temperomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ). Botox can be used to treat tension in the jaws, headaches from bruxism (teeth grinding), and…

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