Can I Get Veneers If I Grind My Teeth?


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With porcelain veneers, patients can restore and enhance their smile to one that is more vibrant, balanced, and attractive. However, are dental veneers possible if you grind your teeth? The answer is no.

Teeth grinding will affect the longevity of veneers and is a condition that will need to be addressed first before considering this cosmetic dentistry option. Cosmetic dentist Marielaina Perrone, DDS in Las Vegas, NV, uses porcelain veneers to help patients transform their smiles from ordinary to extraordinary. Dr. Perrone’s goal is to provide dental treatment that lasts for a lifetime of smiles.

What Is Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding (also called bruxism) is when a patient clenches or grinds their teeth. People who have bruxism typically do this unconsciously. They will clench their teeth while awake, asleep, or sometimes both. Teeth grinding may be linked to a combination of factors (psychological, physical, and genetic).

Bruxism may be due to increases in stress, anxiety, sleep apnea, and even insomnia. Habitual grinding can wear down the teeth, which can become blunt, fractured, or shortened. Clenching also puts pressure on the oral tissues (think sore gums), facial muscles, and other facial structures around the jaw.

Consequences of Habitual Teeth Grinding In Las Vegas

If you grind your teeth and it is left untreated, it will eventually cause:

  • Increased risk of tooth decay
  • Uneven bite
  • Facial changes due to loss of smile height
  • Difficulties Chewing
  • Facial Pain
  • Chipping and fracturing of teeth
  • Worn Teeth
  • Headaches and TMJ symptoms

What Does a Mouthguard Do?

Mouthguards for teeth grinding function to perform the following:

  • Mouthguards cover the teeth and separate upper and lower teeth, protecting tooth structure from damage by the heavy forces and friction of teeth grinding.
  • Prevent the jaw muscles from contracting entirely and reduce the amount of force or pressure produced.
  • Prevent fractures of teeth.
  • Mouthguards decompress the jaw joints and protect the TMJs from the damage of teeth grinding.
  • Can also act as a retainer for your smile. They prevent them from relapsing into a formerly crooked position.

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What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers can restore teeth and enhance the way your smile looks. Marielaina Perrone DDS offers porcelain veneers that mimic your natural teeth.

Patients can choose veneers to correct several tooth structure imperfections. Cosmetic veneers are thin, shell-like dental restorations that are custom fabricated using only the best dental porcelain.

Below are some cosmetic dentistry issues porcelain veneers can correct for a beautiful smile:

  • Permanent Tooth stains
  • Slightly Misaligned, uneven, or irregularly shaped teeth
  • Broken, chipped, or cracked teeth
  • Gaps Or Spacing between teeth
  • Protection Against Tooth Sensitivity

The Cosmetic Dentistry Examination

Before you receive cosmetic veneers, a thorough dental examination is required to determine the dental care needed.

  • Your dentist will first examine your teeth and gums to determine if they are healthy or in need of dental care. Optimal health is necessary to receive porcelain veneers.
  • Worn teeth already damaged by teeth grinding will need to be restored.
  • Your dentist will determine if you need treatment for TMJ disorder.
  • You might need exercises to help you restore proper TMJ function and relieve pain or discomfort that may be present.
  • Your dentist will recommend a custom mouthguard. A custom mouthguard will be essential protection for your new veneers.

Visits Required For Veneers In Las Vegas

Porcelain veneer treatment typically consists of 2-3 dental visits.

Visit 1 – Porcelain Veneers Consultation

Patients will explain their concerns and desires about their smiles at this initial visit. Your dentist can let you know if veneers are the best option for your smile and match your smile desires. For some patients, porcelain veneers may not be the ideal cosmetic dental treatment for your smile. You may need more extensive treatment like Invisalign or porcelain crowns.

Visit 2 – Teeth Preparation

At this visit, preparation of your natural teeth will begin. The veneers are custom fabricated. A small amount of tooth enamel will be removed during tooth preparation. In some cases, no tooth structure is necessary (also called “no preparation” veneers).

Your dentist will maintain your comfort during the procedure with a local anesthetic. Upon preparation, your dentist will take a detailed dental impression that the dental laboratory will use to create your custom porcelain veneers. Temporary veneers will be fabricated and inserted until the fabrication of your custom veneers.

Visit 3 – New Smile

You will return for placement and fitment of your new dental veneers. The veneers will be placed initially on a trial basis to ensure proper fit, color, and shape. If the new veneers meet your smile goals, the dentist will permanently bond them to your teeth.

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Can I Get Veneers If I Grind My Teeth?

While porcelain veneers are highly durable and strong, patients who grind their teeth can damage them. It is important to note even a person’s natural teeth can crack or chip from the pressure imposed upon them by grinding or clenching.

Porcelain veneers are just as susceptible. They can chip, crack, loosen, or fall off from teeth grinding’s continuous pressure. Before receiving veneers, Dr. Perrone will try to determine the cause of bruxism and discuss treatment options for optimal oral health.

Treatment options can include wearing a custom fabricated mouth guard at night or learning relaxation techniques to reduce incidences of stress. Veneers can transform the appearance of your smile, but you need to treat your teeth grinding condition first.

A 2017 research study published by the National Institutes of Health revealed the following about porcelain veneers and patients dealing with bruxism:

  • Fractures – Increased fractures in porcelain veneers in patients with bruxism.
  • Debonding – There is an increased incidence of porcelain veneers falling off for known teeth grinders.
  • Mouthguards – The use of custom mouthguards increases the success of porcelain veneers for patients with bruxism. Teeth grinders without the use of a mouthguard are 8x more likely to fracture porcelain veneers than those who use a custom mouthguard.

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Will A Generic Mouthguard Protect my Dental Veneers?

Typically, boil and bite mouthguards provide far less protection than a custom-made mouthguard from your dentist. Their generic fit and moldable material do not reduce the forces of clenching or grinding enough.

For some patients, it can increase your muscle force while grinding. Many patients report they will grind right through a generic mouthguard in just a few weeks.

The best long-term plan for protecting veneers is consistently wearing a custom-fabricated bite guard made by your dentist. Investing in porcelain veneers can be expensive. Why not protect them with the best offered mouthguard.

Porcelain Veneers In Las Vegas NV

Improving the quality, appearance, and confidence of your smile is something easily achieved with dental veneers. Porcelain veneers are an ideal choice for delivering dramatic smile results for a more attractive, confident appearance.

They are not solving just a cosmetic issue. Schedule a free cosmetic consultation with cosmetic dentist Dr. Marielaina Perrone, DDS, at our office near Las Vegas, NV, to learn more about dental veneers and teeth grinding. Call 702-458-2929 today!