Can A Gummy Smile Be Fixed?

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A gummy smile is a smile that shows too much gum tissue. The goal of this cosmetic dentistry treatment is to create a more toothy smile. There are several treatment options for those with a gummy smile. Some surgical and some non-surgical. The presence of a gummy smile should not be considered an abnormal condition or even unhealthy. It is just a normal variation of our anatomy.

What Is A Gummy Smile?

A gummy smile will make our teeth look short and stumpy. In reality, the gum tissue is just showing in proportion to your teeth than the rest of us. There are a variety of reasons for this:

  • Higher than normal bone levels.
  • Possibility of Incomplete Eruption Of Teeth.
  • Excess Gum Tissue.
  • Abnormally Thick Gingival Tissue Fibers.
  • Thin lips.
  • Upper Lip pulls up too high while smiling. Gummy smiles may present challenges beyond esthetics. Dental hygiene can be a real issue for patients with excess tissue. The excessive gingival tissues will hinder attempts to keep areas clean and free of plaque and tartar.

People with a gummy smile tend to present with swollen, red gum tissue. These symptoms are called gingivitis and are the earliest form of periodontal disease. It is reversible. Most people notice a gummy smile only on the front upper teeth, but it can also be present in the back.

While there is no exact definition for a gummy smile, it mainly rests in the individual’s eye. Gum line perception could be affected by:

  • the shape and height of your teeth
  • the movement of your lips when you smile
  • the angle of your jaw compared to the rest of your face

Typically, 3 to 4 millimeters of exposed gum tissue is considered out of proportion.

Cause of gummy smiles? in Las Vegas NV

Several factors may contribute to excessive gingival display. Common causes of too much gum tissue include:

Differences in the growth of your teeth

Sometimes the way your adult teeth grow and develop can end up in a gummy smile. Though this varies, it is believed genetics plays a role in the development of a gummy smile.

If your gum tissues covered more of your teeth’ surface when they erupted into the mouth, it might have be the cause of excess gum tissue. This is a condition called altered passive eruption.

If the teeth in front of your mouth grew too far or over erupted, your gum tissues might have grown too far as well. This condition is referred to as dentoalveolar extrusion.

A gummy smile can also be due to a condition called vertical maxillary excess. This upper jaw excess is when the bones of your upper jaw grow longer than normal.

Lip differences

Gummy smiles can happen with a shortened upper lip. If your lips are hypermobile (excess movement), they could expose more gum tissue.


Medications can cause extra gum tissue to grow around your smile. This excess gum tissue condition is referred to as gingival hyperplasia.

Drugs that can cause gingival hyperplasia:

  • Anti-seizure
  • Immune system suppressors
  • High blood pressure

In cases of drug-induced gummy smile, it is vital to treat this excess gingival tissue. If left untreated, it can lead to periodontal disease.

Gummy Smiles Smile Makeover Treatment In Las Vegas

An experienced, well-trained cosmetic dentist will be well versed in treatment for excessive gingival display. This procedure can be one of the most rewarding for both dentist and patient. The change is immediate, and patients report increased self-confidence. Below you will find a detailed list of gummy smile options. The smile makeover procedure used will depend on why the excessive gingival display exists. Once removed, the gum tissue is in correct position it shows your true smile.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery In Las Vegas 


This procedure is simply the removal of excess gingival tissue around the teeth. Removing excess gingival tissue is just the first step. Your cosmetic dentist will remove and reshape the gum line tissues for an esthetic result. You would be surprised how little gingival tissue removal and gum contouring occurs in most cases. Your dentist can use laser treatment, an electrical cautery unit, or make periodontal incisions to remove and contour the gum line tissues.

Local anesthetic is necessary for comfort. Gingivectomy will not require any sutures, and generally, the gingival tissues heal within 1-2 weeks following the procedure. A gingivectomy is usually the recommended gummy smile procedure when only a few teeth are affected. In other cases, bone tissues may need remodeling as well.

Crown Lengthening

The crown lengthening procedure allows for your dentist to remove bone tissues. Crown lengthening is an in office procedure.

Lip Repositioning Surgery In Las Vegas 

  • The lip repositioning surgery is performed under local anesthesia.
  • Once your mouth is anesthetized, the dentist will make two incisions on the underside of the lip and remove a section of connective tissue.
  • After this tissue is removed, the dentist will suture up the incisions.
  • Procedure lasts from 45 minutes – 1 hour.
  • Following the procedure, your dentist may prescribe antibiotics and pain medication.
  • Recovery generally takes 7-10 days.

Non-Surgical Treatment Of Gummy Smile

Botox For Gummy Smile

The use of Botox is new for the treatment of too much gum tissue. The botox application relaxes the muscles in the upper lip, causing the lip to not curl under or lift as high upon smiling. The botox relaxes the lip for a more balanced smile. Even with relaxed muscles it just puts a limit on the height of the lip movement.

The treatment lasts about three months, so no worries about permanent changes. Both surgical and non-surgical procedures have very low risks and are completed quickly. The botox injections will be the least invasive, but in some cases, botox alone will not give the desired results. Using dermal fillers along with Botox may also help those with thinner lips.

Gummy Smiles In Las Vegas NV

Upon healing, the optimal results of a gummy smile treatment can be dramatic and striking. Both patients and doctors alike will be in awe of the change from an ordinary smile to a beautiful smile. It is that dramatic. This dental care treatment can be a transformative change  in patient’s outlook on life and oral health. 

Most patients return and have one complaint. Why didn’t we do this sooner? 

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