Best Ways To Make Las Vegas Dental Care Affordable


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Dental care and medical care tends to  be pricey for good reason. Cutting edge technology and advanced dental materials add to the dental care cost. Now add in the education of dentist and staff and it begins to add up why dental care can be pricey. However, dental care can be financially manageable if you and your dentist have a plan for your dental health.

Studies have shown more than 25% of adults in US have untreated dental decay and over 50% have some sign of periodontal disease. Many people avoid dental care due to their perception of high dental service costs.

Unfortunately, ignoring these dental issues will not make them go away. In fact, ultimately it will cost you more than if you regularly went to the dentist.

Below are the best ways to make your dental care more cost effective and keep your smile for life.

1. Preventative Visits To Make Dental Care Affordable

If you see your dentist on a regular schedule and receive preventive care, dentistry will be far less expensive over the long run than if you skip these regular visits. With good dental hygiene and dental diligence you will be less likely to be faced with a serious dental condition that will require a large financial investment.

Seeing your dentist and dental hygienist at least every 6 months as is the standard of dental care for most patients will save you money and time (along with possible dental pain) over the course of your lifetime.

The best way to ensure your dental health is held in check and make dental care affordable is to visit your dentist on a regular schedule. If you do have a dental issue that needs dental services, such as a small cavity, your dentist will be able to address it quickly before it potentially becomes a root canal or even an extraction. These are definitely more pricey options than routine examinations and professional cleanings.

2. Does Your Dentist Offer CareCredit? In Las Vegas NV

CareCredit offers 0% interest up to one year on all dental treatment. Dr Perrone offers this to help alleviate financial concerns of her patients. The nice part about CareCredit is that unlike most dental insurances it can be used for cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. Dental insurance typically does not cover cosmetic dentistry procedures.

CareCredit is of course subject to credit approval. But generally you will find that you do not need an extremely high credit rating to get approved for credit. The best way to find out more about CareCredit is to ask and to learn more. Odds are they have the forms ready to go, and you could get instant approval right then and there.

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Affordable dental care is in reach!

3. Be Aware Of Dental Insurance Coverage (and Health Insurance)

Most people have no idea what their health insurance or dental insurance covers or does not cover until they need to use it. Educate yourself on your dental insurance plan’s dental benefits for you and your family to ensure affordable dental care.

Commonly most general dental insurance is “100-80-50” type coverage. This type of dental insurance plan covers 100% of costs for preventative care (includes dental hygiene visits, radiographs, and examinations), 80% of costs for common dental services (dental bonding, mouthguards), and 50% of costs for major dental treatment (dental bridges and dental crowns). You should also be aware if there is an annual maximum benefit on your dental insurance. Most plans do have a yearly maximum benefit towards dental treatment.

The maximum benefit also means that benefits expire at years end (December 31st). Be aware of how much of that benefit you used or did not use to maximize benefits. Some dental services may also be covered under your medical benefits in your health insurance.

4. Have A Dental Financial Plan In Las Vegas NV

If you have dental work needed in the near future now would be a good time to set aside a little bit each week or month. Even if you do not have any pressing dental care needed it is a good idea to have a small amount set side for future possible dental emergencies.

5. Explore Possible Dental Insurance Alternatives

If you’re in a tough financial spot and are not able to maintain dental insurance, do not worry! There are a number of dental insurance alternatives that may be the right fit so you can continue with a treatment plan. While still keeping it affordable. many dentists will offer discounts (senior is a good example). Many dentists will work towards affordable dental care with by setting up an in office payment options. These payment options can be stretched out to make it easier on you and your family.

Talk To Las Vegas Dentist Marielaina Perrone DDS

One of the best ways to figure out how to save money on your dental procedures is to ask Dr Perrone directly. Her goal is to help you achieve a smile you love and to maintain good dental and overall health level. That is why Dr Perrone feels it is so important that the patient is part of the treatment plan process. An educated patient will know what to look for and financials can be discussed as well.

Be honest with your dentist regarding possible financial issues. Affordable dental care might be in reach. Remember low cost dental does not always equal the optimal dental care. Be smart in choosing the right dentist for you and your family. Quality can often come at an increased cost but quality also brings a better value over the long term.

If you are ready for a smile makeover, contact Marielaina Perrone DDS at (702) 458-2929 to schedule a no cost cosmetic consultation appointment. We cannot wait to help you with your smile makeover to create the smile of your dreams in Summerlin, Henderson, and Las Vegas, NV.