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7 Ways To Overcome Dental Fear

Dental phobias can be overcome. Just takes a lot of work on all parties involved. The doctor and patient must both make a commitment to making it work.

1. Find Dentist you trust and feel comfortable with. Ask a family member or friend whom you trust for a referral. A good dentist will be one where you do not even feel the injection when he/she gives you anesthesia. Its a learned technique.

Dental phobia2. Call a few offices and ask to just come down to meet the doctor and staff without an appointment. Maybe sit in waiting room to get a feel for the surroundings. Some offices might be too crowded and busy for you… while others may feel just right.

3. Go to your appointment with a friend or family member so they can walk you thru it. Take it slow. Ask lots of questions. It has taken you a long time to develop this fear…….it will take a long time to overcome it.

4. Bring an MP3 player with you. Set it up with your favorite music to keep you calm and relaxed and drown out some of the noises you may be afraid of.

5. Take deep breaths to slow your heartbeat and relax yourself in the chair. Take it slow. Ask Dr to stop when need be. A good dentist will always make sure you are comfortable.

6. Ask dentist about taking a prescription sedative before appointment or even being put to sleep for procedures. Today’s modern dentist will be able to accommodate you if that is what is necessary to overcome your fears.

7. Hypnosis can be an option. I have seen this work but it is not for everyone.

Going to the dentist should be an enjoyable experience. Will never be at the top of most people’s to do list. But it is a must do if you want to stay healthy and out of pain.

Dental phobias can be overcome. Just takes a lot of work on all parties involved. The doctor and patient must both make a commitment to making it work.

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